How do I reactivate and recover my old Hotmail account?

How do I reactivate and recover my old Hotmail account?

If you are a working professional and mostly interact through emails then you can easily make an account on Hotmail and be in touch with your clients.

Unable to make Login to your Hotmail account and every time you got a message please try again with valid login credential and don't know How do I resolve Hotmail account recovery so recommended solution for you to get back your account so follow here. If you have lost access to your phone number associated with your Hotmail account, you can use your email instead. To learn the process for Hotmail Account Recovery via email, you should follow the steps below.

  • First of all, you need to access the Hotmail account login link on your browser.
  • In the Trouble signing in the window, choose I forgot my password and then click next.
  • You will notice a CAPTCHA code below once you enter your Hotmail email id in the window.
  • Tap next after typing the CAPTCHA code exactly as it appears in the blank box.
  • To obtain a security code, proceed to the following page and select email as the account recovery option.
  • After selecting email, and a code will be sent to your recovery email account from Hotmail.
  • Access your recovery email, copy the security code, and paste it into the appropriate area.
  • Once Hotmail verifies your code, you will be transferred to the password reset screen by them.
  • After which, you can type a new password in the available space to reset the one you have forgotten.
  • Finally, you must provide your new Hotmail password one more time in the confirmation box and save it.

You can use the information from above to learn more about how your Hotmail account can be recovered via email. Aside from that, you should be aware that you can use your registered mobile phone for account verification, and if you don't have access to either your email or phone number, you can use your security question.