Top Three Questions To Ask Your Realtor

Top Three Questions To Ask Your Realtor

When the time comes, search for a realtor who will provide you with the very best experience.

Buying or selling a home is likely the most significant financial decision you will make. When the time comes, search for a realtor who will provide you with the very best experience. It is suggested, in fact, encouraged, to interview several realtors before you make your final selection. In the interview, you can ask as many questions as you wish to feel confident in your realtor’s abilities, knowledge, and understanding of your needs.

We suggest these top three questions to ensure you are selecting the realtor that will get you the best result:

Are you a local realtor?

Working with a local realtor is advantageous as he or she will have intimate knowledge of each neighbourhood in the city. With this insight, the realtor will be able to focus on the neighbourhoods that meet your lifestyle requirements. A local realtor will also be knowledgable regarding the comparison properties, market activity, amenities in the city, planned new construction projects, and price points. This information is invaluable for both buying and selling as it will eliminate any guesswork and allow you to buy and sell with a proven strategy.

What is your pricing and presentation strategy?

We often hear that location is the only important factor in real estate. Location definitely plays a vital role in choosing the perfect property, but Pricing and Presentation will also gravely impact the speed and success of the sale. As a Seller, you are free to price your property as you deem fit. An experienced realtor will guide you to the pricing strategy that is appropriate for the area and market conditions. The longer your property stays on the market, the less desirable it becomes, so a fair market price is the best way to facilitate a quick sale. Presentation is crucial to allow Buyers the opportunity to see a blank canvas where they can imagine themselves thriving. Staging enables the buyer to see the maximum use of the home, allowing them to fall in love instantly!

If you were not a real estate agent, what would you be doing?

Who said real estate has to be all business and no fun? Question three allows Buyers and Sellers some insight into their agent’s hobbies and passions. You will discover their outside interests to ensure your values and lifestyle align. Your realtor doesn’t have to be your friend, but having common interests and passions will help solidify the relationship.

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