5 Reasons Pardot is the best Marketing Automation Solution

5 Reasons Pardot is the best Marketing Automation Solution
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Many companies wonder about which is the best marketing automation solution for their business. Pardot outshines Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo and other vendors.

Pardot outshines other marketing automation platforms in a variety of different ways, but we've chosen the top 5 reasons Pardot is the industry-leading solution for marketing automation.

1. Behavioral Tracking

Installing Pardot tracking code allows the marketing automation platform to track visitors and prospects across customer websites, offering incredible visitor insight from marketing referral source to landing page, time on site and pageviews, navigation and exit path, all KPIs that you would typically find on popular analytics tools, but with Pardot, behavior is tied to individuals tracked in your database.

2. Lead Generation

Far more than a simple Email Service Provider (ESP), or a simple drip-campaign builder (like Mailchimp or Constant Contact currently offer), Pardot creates an entire ecosystem for generating and managing leads, including Pardot Forms, Form Handlers and Landing Pages.   Using Pardot, you can not only facilitate email marketing, but you can integrate Pardot with digital advertising campaigns and websites to actually generate demand and create leads.

3.  Lead Qualification

Beyond Lead Generation, Pardot offers incredibly powerful tools to qualify leads using proprietary methods of Scoring and Grading.  Scoring and Grading allow businesses to programmatically measure customer intent (engagement) and fit (an ideal customer persona), and qualify the best leads, making marketing teams far more effective and sales teams much more efficient.

4. Process Automation

Pardot's most powerful marketing automation capability empowers both sales and marketing teams to automate business processes at scale.  Whether you want to initiate a criteria-based email autoresponder or nurture campaign, Pardot can launch that marketing process automatically based on implicit activities prospective customers take, or based on explicit criteria that Pardot stores in its database.  Similarly, the process of lead assignment to Sales can be done systematically, reducing the need for tedious or laborious sales management.

5. Salesforce Alignment

Pardot is the industry's best-in-class marketing automation tool.  However, the power of Pardot is turbocharged by it's alignment with the industry's best CRM, Salesforce.  If your business is using Sales Cloud, Pardot can leverage the power of your database, syncing records and activities and powering marketing journeys as a result, based on CRM data.

Even more powerfully, Pardot Lightning is available within Salesforce, so sales users will not even need to leave their CRM instance, creating a unified interface that streamlines Salesforce and Pardot adoption.

As of today, Pardot is the world's best Marketing Automation solution, and these 5 top reasons illustrate why Salesforce Pardot is the future.