Christmas trees and goats...yes please!

Christmas trees and goats...yes please!

What do you do with your Christmas tree once the holiday season is over? We may have a solution for you!

Well another Christmas has come and gone. We are all filled up on delicious turkey, baking, eggnog and probably lots of chocolates. Cherished time was spent with family and friends celebrating the true meaning of the holiday season. We have welcomed another year and are ready to kick it off with a great start. If you are anything like me that means your first goal is to try and declutter a bit. So…what do you do with that glorious Christmas tree that has added so much sparkle and cheer this season? Well we have a solution for you!

This family activity includes your Christmas tree and GOATS!!! A good friend and partner of Foodlink, Leslie Zinger, of Top Market Meats hosts a special event at her farm just outside of Ariss.

Christmas trees and goats...yes please!

What made you start hosting this event?

I read an article about goats and how they love to eat vegetation like weeds, bushes and trees. Also, how great goats are for naturally cleaning up farmers fence lines, over grown grass and bush areas. The article also talked about what trees goats love to eat and why. Pine, Fir and Spruce trees especially because the trees needles help the goat’s digestive system.

Is there any kind of Christmas trees that can’t be brought?

Goats will eat any Christmas tree but we do ask that all the decorations and hooks be taken off and no trees that have had tinsel on them. Some traces of tinsel can be left behind and hurt the goats stomachs. We haven't had any problems so far and would like to keep it that way.

Is it just the your goats that eat the trees?

We also give the Christmas trees to the donkey and pony here on the farm. Dozer the donkey loves to play and eat the trees and Elmo the pony loves to just jump over them. We have also given some to the pigs, who love to play tug a war with the trees and also the chickens who play hide and seek in the branches. It’s a farm win for the recycled Christmas trees.

How long have you been doing this event?

We have been doing this event for 5 years and each year more and more families from local communities come to the farm to feed and enjoy the goats along with all the other farm animals.

How many trees do you get for this event?

When we first started, we got 25 trees that first year and now about 75 trees are dropped off. The more Christmas trees the better and can help feed the goats for months.

Is there anything you would like to share about this event?

Join us for our annual TREES FOR GOATS PARTY Sunday January 6th from 12-4pm Just bring your Christmas tree to the farm and let the goats eat it! This is a great way to give your enjoyed Christmas tree one last gift.

Your tree can be whole or cut up into pieces for easy transportation, what ever works for you and the goats don’t mind either way. We do ask for all to try to get all decorations off for the safety of the goat’s tummies. Hooks and plastic will hurt the goats.

Hot beverages will be available for all to enjoy (warm apple cider, hot chocolate, tea and coffee).

We ask that no visitors bring their pet dogs to this event. We have working farm dogs that take their job very seriously! Your pet dog might be mistakenly seen as predator trying to hurt the goats. For your dogs’ safety please leave them at home.

The farm store will be open during the event for your local farm shopping with event specials.

We hope to see some of you there

Happy New Year!

Christmas trees and goats...yes please!