Road Tripping...Local Food Edition!

Road Tripping...Local Food Edition!

Who doesn't enjoy a good old fashion road trip? Especially when it involves delicious local food!

We just celebrated local food week earlier this month.  It is amazing that the 'local food movement' has made it to the point of a week dedicated to celebrating local food.  It's a weird thing to think about as a farmer.  Each day is local food day for us.  But for many, it is not.  There is so much to celebrate about our local farming community and how much it has to offer the Region of Waterloo.

Road Tripping...Local Food Edition!

So what do you do to celebrate local food?  Sure, you could go to the local farmers market.  Or you could go to the local bakery you frequent every week to pick up that amazingly fresh and aromatic loaf of bread.  But what about spicing things up a bit?  At this time of year, any excuse I can think of to go on a road trip,  I use.  So checking out new local food places seems like a pretty good, and delicious, excuse to hop in the vehicle and take off.  This might also be an opportune moment to announce that we, Foodlink, have just launched our 2018 Buy Local! Buy Fresh! map.  A good tool for a foodie road trip!

Where do you start though?  My favourite way to do a road trip is to have a final destination but no specific route on how to get there.  I have found some of my favourite places to visit by just driving down a road that I have come across.  With the diversity of our region you could plan to start with a good coffee or breakfast in a city center (Golden Hearth Bakery, The Bake Shop on Main, Seven Shores, Smile Tiger, Monigram etc.).  From there I encourage you to refrain from using highways.  Yes, they may get you there faster but you miss so much on the way.

The local farming community, for the most part, is a very close and supportive of each other.  When you find your first stop, don't be afraid to ask where they would recommend.  Sometime these 'hidden gems' don't show up on GPS but are so worth the travel to get there!

Are you wanting to venture outside of the region? Did you know that most other regions/counties now offer local food maps?  (Foodlink is the original Buy Local! Buy Fresh! map that started it all!) There are cheese trails and butter tart trails already set up for you to enjoy.  Or make up your own trail featuring you favourite food.  How many different pepperettes can you find?  What about chocolates or cheeses or ice creams.

So if you have some time...go on an adventure and see what the local food scene has to offer!