Local Produce. The Freshest You Can Find!

Local Produce.  The Freshest You Can Find!

Fresh produce is starting to really ramp up and finding a local farm to get it from makes it that much more fresh!

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  No I am not talking about Christmas.  I am referring to the amazing bounty coming off the fields from your local farmers.  Is there a better smell then fresh picked juicy and plump strawberries?  With their season just starting and knowing what all is to come yet, as far as produce goes, it's time to start thinking about which farms you can visit to stock up on amazing local produce.  I had a chance to chat with Pam Gillespie of Gillespie's Gardens located just outside of Cambridge, and talk to her about their season that is just starting.  If you haven't heard of Gillespie's Gardens it is a place you should check out!

Local Produce.  The Freshest You Can Find!

You are known for your sweet corn.  What other produce do you grow on your farm?

Along with the sweet corn we grow beans, peas, beets, zucchini, cucumbers and squash.  In our greenhouse and hoop house we have tomatoes, peppers and English cucumbers.  We also grow strawberries, blueberries and a few raspberries.

When are you open during the year?

We are open from strawberry season (mid June) until the Saturday of Thanksgiving.

You are celebrating a special anniversary this year correct?

Yes.  This year we are celebrating 25 years in business!  Quite a bit has changed since we started with a table out at the road.

How many different types of sweet corn do you grow?

This year we are growing about 14 different varieties of corn - yellow, bi-coloured and white.  There are different days to harvest on different varieties and this is how Brian, my husband, determines which variety to plant and when.  There are also the Gourmet varieties - which are the super-sweets and the more traditional sweet corn.

Local Produce.  The Freshest You Can Find!

Along with your husband Brian and yourself, do any other family members work on the farm?

We are a family farm with our 2 oldest girls working with us.  Angela does a lot of the greenhouse work and is responsible for the bakery.  Lauren takes care of the store and scheduling the employees.  Emma, our third daughter, helps out when she visits!  Brian (the chief grower) and I wear many hats: we work in the store, do pickups, book work and much more.  There is always a lot to do on the farm!

Local Produce.  The Freshest You Can Find!

So whether you are planning on canning, pickling, grilling or just going to enjoy eting FRESH produce remember your local farmers.  Not only are you supporting your local economy but you are getting the freshest possible products.  Go direct to a farm if you can and meet the farmers.  Know where your product comes from and be confident in what you are eating.

Buy Local! Buy Fresh!