Fly Be Free

Fly Be Free

Knowing your passion and following it. Happiness comes by doing what you love.

Always Love what you do.  It Matters.

This weekend I have found myself in a very negative space. Emotionally I have been all over the place. To say I have wasted my weekend would be a lie. I haven’t because as I sit outside our front door, propped against the green recycling bin, I am realizing that this weekend has helped me to realize what I don’t want. I feel knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do want.

Fly Be Free

Do you ever listen to people but don’t hear them? Agree with people because they expect you to? Realize that only some of the people in your life you can relate to and the rest just aren’t not a fit? A lot of questions but they are important ones.

In my world at this very moment for the first time today, anyway, I am not anxious. My heart isn’t beating fast and I am calm. The sun is keeping me warm as is my wine. My brown leather jacket is soaking up the sun. My writing hand could use some warmth though. The price you pay for being a writer and sitting outside. It is beautiful where I am, not even the traffic travelling down the highway bothers me.

I have been lost lately. Not sure where to go. I have been getting advice and thoughts from new friends. They are positive people. I love these people because of how they think, the quotes they have thrown out into the universe and their want to help me. These people always come to me at the right time. I take notice because they are important. Their quotes make me think and they are all willing to help me move forward without asking anything in return. I appreciate it and always will.

When we get stuck, stressed or become unhappy, I believe we are being told something and we need to listen. Intuition is that gut feeling that something isn’t right. This feeling has been with me most of my life. When my life becomes cluttered or something happens, I notice it more. Perhaps that is why my life has been going south lately and not in a good way.

Les Brown has a saying, ‘if you fall, land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up’. My saying, if you land on your stomach and don’t have a shovel, you won’t be going far. I had to add my thoughts because it fits. I haven’t been landing on my back. No, I don’t want your sympathy and I am not going to give excuses, neither is helpful. Thanks anyway.

I talked to my husband yesterday about children.  Our conversation wasn’t around having one, that point needed to be clarified for some of you. We didn’t get far.  You see when I’m upset he tries to make me smile. I get frustrated because he doesn’t know the direction I am going and says something that I can’t catch and even if I do, it still ends up being in a direction I wasn’t’ going.

Children persevere, they keep trying until they accomplish what they are wanting to do. Short of a physical disability and even with one, children will learn to walk and they will keep trying until they do. They learn to talk. What is that detrimental age some of us get to where we stop? We give up and we lose our dream or who we are. We all have God given talents, I’ll brag and say I know mine but somehow I get lost in everyday life. I listen too much to the rest of the world who tell me what I can and cannot do. I let people shut me down, simply by not letting me speak, it happens. I struggle when people do this. Is it only your thoughts or ideas that are important and matter? Have you lost faith in me/others that you don’t feel we can offer an opinion or idea? Is your ways always the best way?

I am a thinker, always have been. I need time to investigate and think things through. There are some who don’t have time for me to think, sad, really because we are both losing out.

I am quiet because I don’t need to be the centre of attention. I try not to talk over others but it happens. I get frustrated by those who send me in one direction, then the opposite because it makes me look like I don’t know where I am going.

Yes, this weekend I have been all over the map. If I were travelling, I would have made it half way around the world by now and see some amazing places. Right now as I sit outside, enjoying the beautiful winter weather, I admire those I am now friends with who have stepped outside their comfort zones, are doing something that speaks to them and is important to them. I am guessing they have days when a comfort zone may be more practical but on one of my Fly Be Free t-shirts it reads, ‘money may be helpful, happiness is priceless’, and happiness is priceless. You can’t put a price on doing what you love.

Fly Be Free

Have I told you how much I love my countryside or sharing my thoughts with you? It’s priceless and where I want to be full time. Fly Be Free because your happiness can’t be bought, it is only something you can find within. It isn’t something I need to look for anymore, I know exactly what it is, next step, respect it but more importantly, I need to fly and be free.

Fly Be Free