Let's Stop the Judging

Let's Stop the Judging

We live in a world where we judge not only others but ourselves. Imagine what dreams could be created if we stopped. I found one way.

How often do you wake up each day,

dreading the day ahead? You look in the mirror, hair tousled and sticking up where you don’t want it to and a face devoid of make-up that makes you want to crawl back into bed, cover your head and wait for a miracle to happen that causes you to want to face the day.

I grew up judging myself because of how I looked and in turn ended up judging others in order to take the sting away from the pain I was feeling about myself. I allowed the words of others to stop me in my tracks and I withdraw from going after my dreams because I didn’t think I was worthy and never truly believed that my writing was good enough to make it as a writer.

Over the last little while, I have been thinking about the statement, ‘because your appearance says so much about you’, that I had to re-think the statement. The world is full of judgemental people and as I said earlier, I have judged others and most definitely judged myself. I have no right to judge others and I certainly shouldn’t judge myself. I have lots to offer, I just don’t see those traits very well some days.

I realized if I wanted to feel better about myself, I had to care more about how I looked and I found when I cared about how I looked and I took the time to invest in my grooming and make-up routine, I felt better, more confident and more willing to spend time going after my dream. I haven’t accomplished all I want to, but now when I look in the mirror, I see a more confident person with a winning smile and the determination to spend more time working on my dream. And I want point out, I didn’t start this so others wouldn’t judge me, they don’t matter, I did it because I wanted to stop judging myself so critically. I was tired of hurting myself by being so judgemental about who I am.

I have allowed the world outside and within me to judge me. How unfair and how unfair that I have turned the judgement of myself against none participating victims. Judging others doesn’t make me feel any better about myself and I have no right to judge anyone, not even myself, not the way I have. We would live in a much better world if we were to stop with all the judgement and stop thinking so and so hasn’t got it all together because of how they look or I can’t do x because I look the way I do. When will we learn to look beyond the exterior to realize the brilliance within each and every one of us? And imagine how much pain would be avoided if we stopped judging and looked for the good and/or talents we each have to offer?

Imagine the greatness we could unwrap if we stopped judging and telling people what they can’t do? I have watched reality shows that have individuals who may not look like they walked out of a fashion magazine but the talent, wow. Good for them for putting aside any doubt of how they may be perceived to go after a dream. I admire them, I truly do. I am learning a lot from these individuals thank you for helping me to see what is possible.

It is by watching videos that inspire, reading numerous books and learning to stop judging myself by doing what I need to feel better about myself that I am reaching out to different avenues to have my words read.

If I feel great about myself, stop judging myself and that isn’t just from an outer appearance point of view but a writers perspective as well, I won’t worry how people see me and I will work on my dream. I may not be an International Best Seller at this point in my life, but I learned a long time ago, it isn’t a question of ‘IF’, it is a question of ‘WHEN’. I am looking at ‘When’ being in the not too distant future.