Events and Circumstances that Call for your Favorite Flannel Shirt

Events and Circumstances that Call for your Favorite Flannel Shirt

Although there's no specific time and place to pull off a flannel look, today we wanted to highlight such occasions that call for your beloved flannel shirt.

Everybody loves flannel. People could wear this humble piece of clothing every day if they could. But there are certain occasions when flannel steals the show.

The Bachelorette Celebration

There's one final hurrah before the bride asks all the bridesmaids to wear something they'll never wear again, before the dramatic friend-destroying bouquet toss, before the humiliating speeches, and before the broken stiletto heels. That flannel tunic will stand by you till the end of time.

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The High School Reunion

Perhaps it's the five-year reunion when you get a sneak peek at all the weddings you'll be attending, or the ten-year reunion, where there are more infants than recognized faces. Perhaps you've arrived at a point in your job where you've always wanted to be, or maybe you're just getting started. In any case, traditional wholesale bleached flannel shirts show the world that you're still the honest, modest buddy they've always known. Success will not alter your personality.

The Seashore

Sure, it's 45 degrees outdoors, and the only way you're going to get in the water is if the canoe flips, but this is the type of flannel shirt day you've been looking forward to all season. Calm, peaceful, and devoid of the stresses of everyday life. The fresh lake wind is blowing in. Consider yourself in a flannel shirt, duck boots, jeans, and a down vest.

The Date

In general, restaurants don't have a strict dress code. You want to make a good impression, but you don't want to be over-or under-dressed. Furthermore, this might be somebody you want to tour the nation with, go to the theaters with, or just hang out at home and prepare a delicious meal with. Grab your favorite flannel shirt. It's the quickest method to show off your sensitive side. What should it be paired with? That's half the joy of it. Wear it with a pencil skirt and white shoes. Wear your flannel shirt tucked into a nice pair of jeans, or leave it untucked and match it with your low-heeled leather boots.

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