30-minute Abs Workout

30-minute Abs Workout
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In today’s world, it is quite difficult to make time for regular exercise. However, even working out twice to thrice a week can give you results within a month.

The motivation should be to try and get good strong abs.

How effective are Ab Workouts?

We all know that spot reduction is a complete myth. But ab workouts do help in strengthening and toning the ab muscles. This means that ab workouts will not necessarily help in reducing belly fat. Studies have shown that ab training alone does not help in getting rid of subcutaneous body fat.

Always focus on building a well-rounded workout routine to train all parts of your body equally. Try and allot one day for every body part.

Important Exercise Modules:

Cardio Module

A little more than 3 minutes to each of these is enough:

● Begin with rhythmic jumping.

● Then switch immediately to stretching your arms along with the jumps.

● Next, you need to do obliques and crunches for 3 minutes. 40 such crunches, all while standing.

● Get on your knees and elbows with your hips high and stay there for at least 30 seconds.

Pushup Module

Give 3 minutes to each of these:

● Do 25 dips at a fast rate.

● Then do the knee-to-elbow cross crunches. (25 reps)

● Without changing position do the same again, but this time make your right knee stretch outside of your left arm, and the same for the other side. (25 reps)

● Lie on your tummy while you try to hold your ankles behind you. Then stretch and let go. (25 reps)

● Now take a rest for 30 seconds lying on your back.

Floor Module

Raise both legs to 45 degrees. Now lift your torso and try to touch your toes with your fingers. Stay a minute. Then lie back again. Repeat 10 times.

Tips To Keep In Mind

● Focus more on cardio.

● Get rid of processed/frozen foods.

● Increase Intake of Fiber.

● Drink loads of water.

● Follow High-Intensity Interval Training.


A strict regime and discipline are what it takes to get those strong abs – and within two to four months you can get those desired six-packs, too. Following the right workout schedule and reviewing, evaluating, and performing are the keys to achieving those beautiful abs.

Keep going. Look good. Feel good. Live healthily.