How To Stay Fit During This Uncertainty

How To Stay Fit During This Uncertainty
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The dreaded Coronavirus (CoVID-19) has taken away a lot of things from mankind and one of them definitely has to be the ability to workout freely.

But does that mean that people will become unhealthy and not workout? The answer is a big, fat NO. To every problem there is a solution and so does this. Working out regularly has immense benefits that you might not even know of.

Let’s look at how you can be physically fit and in the best shape possible even during this uncertainty!

1. Invest In 30-Minute Workout Routines – When time is limited and you are stuck at home, the need of the hour is to perform 30-minute high-intensity home workouts.

2. Focus on each body part equally – Try and balance out the workout regime by dedicating a day each for each of your body parts. Many people train one part strong and hard ignoring others. This leads to some of the parts getting bigger than others. This builds a disproportionate body and creates an unpleasant silhouette.

3. Lower Body – Train all those muscles from your waist down. We are talking glutes, thighs, and calves. Try different leg workout modules and regimes to bring out the best.

4. Full Body Workouts – Train your whole body. Try cardio and high-intensity interval training to get the best out of each workout.

5. Upper Body – We are talking about the chest, back, arms, abs, shoulders, and neck. Focus on each part equally well. Find arm, chest, and back workouts that best suit your needs.

6. Enroll For an E-Fitness Class – There are tons of training courses online to bridge the gap.

7. Walk around and stay active – Move around and do not keep sitting in one place. This means doing necessary household chores and taking small breaks in between your sitting sprees.

8. Reduce Your Carb Intake – Mind what you put into your body. This means eating a healthy diet and resisting the urges to binge eat and eat anything and everything that you can find.

Taking care and paying attention to the above steps are enough to keep yourself physically fit even during this uncertainty. Add to those, keeping yourself hydrated and loving the new normal. As they say, “When there is a will, there is a way!”