Top Foods to Avoid in Uric Acid

Top Foods to Avoid in Uric Acid
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Gout happens to be a kind of inflammatory arthritis that can result in tenderness, pain, inflammation, and redness.

However, the symptoms can be managed with the help of dietary changes. Individuals suffering from gout have high uric acid levels in their blood. It might be possible to prevent or relieve the symptoms by managing the levels of uric acid. While some food items will help to increase the levels of uric acid, the others will aid in lowering the levels.

Below, we have mentioned some food items which should be avoided in uric acid.

1. Sugars – Sugar appears to increase the levels of uric acid. Fructose happens to be a natural type of sugar that is present in several food items. Fructose along with the high fructose corn syrup included in some foods might increase uric acid levels. It will be possible to prevent the symptoms of gout by limiting or avoiding foods that are high in the content of sugar. Several fruits contain high levels of fructose although the relation between gout and fruit is not clear yet. It might be imperative to avoid or limit the consumption of some fruit juices for preventing the symptoms of gout.

2. Refined carbs and processed food items – The contemporary Western diet is usually rich in refined carbohydrates and processed food items. Additionally, these types of foods have been related to an increased risk of cardiac ailments, weight gain, and type II diabetes. For preventing the symptoms of gout, it will be advisable to limit your consumption of processed food items and foods which are rich in refined carbohydrates like baked foods and pastries, sweets, crackers, cookies, chips, ice cream, soda, white bread, and frozen meals.

3. Red meat – Consumption of red meat as well as organ meats that are full of purines will help to increase the levels of uric acid in the blood. Try to consume lesser amounts of red meat (such as beef and bison) plus organ meats (such as heart, liver, sweetbreads, and kidney). On the other hand, chicken consists of moderate quantities of purines, and consequently, one should eat them in moderation.

4. Seafood and fish – It is a fact that some types of seafood happen to be rich in the content of purines, and must be avoided for preventing the symptoms of gout. Although fatty fish like salmon and tuna are usually considered to be a healthy diet, because of their higher content of purines, one should limit the intake of these food items with gout.

Sticking to a gout-friendly diet might appear to be somewhat difficult for some individuals out there. Make it a point to consult your healthcare provider and begin by making some small modifications that will allow you to feel more empowered.