We Educate and Motivate

We Educate and Motivate

The Fitness Firm’s Starter Kit Session will help you on your fitness journey, whether it’s your first time in the gym or you’re a life-long fitness enthusiast!

Fitness Starter Kit

At the Fitness Firm we always strive to give people the education and support system they need to reach their fitness goals - regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been working out and improving their fitness for years.

Our Fitness Starter Kit Session allows us to work with you on an individual basis to discover or review your goals based on your current condition and lifestyle and determine the best possible plan to getting improved and optimal health.

Rather than ignoring the issues that you need to address, use this as an opportunity to start a fitness program from an honest place with yourself…. the results will be powerful.

For just $25.00, you will meet one-on-one with one of our professional personal trainers for an hour and a half to review your:

• Current fitness profile and history

• Current body composition

• Resting heart rate and resting blood pressure

• Cardiovascular and strength testing results

• Functional Movement Screening

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One on One Time with a Personal Trainer

And, if you like to measure success for ongoing inspiration and challenge, we recommend our Annual Starter-Kit Sessions, which include 4 one-on-one meetings with a personal trainer quarterly. During these sessions, you’ll work with a personal trainer to evaluate and update your program for continued results.

The Annual Starter-Kit Session is $79 for 4 x 1½ hours of one-on-one time with a personal trainer.

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