The Top Three Reasons to Work with a Certified Personal Trainer

The Top Three Reasons to Work with a Certified Personal Trainer

It’s that time of year again - time to start a new fitness plan, or recommit to your existing one! Here's the top three reasons to work with a trainer!

Putting together your own workout plan can be daunting - unless you are a full-time fitness professional, weeding through all that contradicting information can be exhausting and overwhelming - so much so that you may never start working out at all!

Certified Personal Trainers help take the guesswork out of hitting your goals; here are the top three reasons to work with a Certified Personal Trainer.

1 - Education

A Certified Personal Trainer must be Can Fit Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.) certified - so you know they have the education and hands-on experience to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. While its always good to do your own research, you will be able to trust that your trainer has the required education to help you make the right health and fitness decisions - and that they have a wealth of knowledge should you have any questions!

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2 - Motivation

So many people plan to go to the gym more (or at all!), get in better shape, or lose that last ten pounds - but how many people actually achieve their goals? The reality is too often people’s fitness goals fall by the wayside - life just gets in the way!

With a Certified Personal Trainer, you have someone to help keep you accountable to your schedule and your overall goals. By creating a fun and social environment, your trainer can change the way you think about personal fitness - less like a chore, and more like a fun and stress-reducing activity.

Plus, booking and paying for a session means you are more likely to show up - Certified Personal Trainers genuinely want to see you succeed!

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3 - Accountability

Certified Personal Trainers help keep you accountable for reaching the fitness and lifestyle goals you make together. And this goes farther than just showing up - the actual training represents just one part of how a trainer keeps you focused on meeting your goals.

Trainers help you integrate healthy nutritional choices and educate you on how to help improve all aspects of your life on your health and fitness journey. When you make better, healthier, and more educated choices outside your assigned workout time, you will see improvements in all aspects of your life. Your trainer can help hold you accountable for the improvement of all aspects of your life - not just fitness!

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