Yoga and Pilates: Low Impact Workouts to Reach Your Goals

Yoga and Pilates: Low Impact Workouts to Reach Your Goals

Are you looking for a low impact workout for your joints, with high impact on your fitness journey? Check out the benefits of Yoga and Pilates!

Whether your muscles and joints are worn down from years of training, or you just want an active rest day, low impact exercises are a great way to let your body recover while still building strength.

Without the stress on your joints, low impact workouts are easier on your body, and are also a great option for working around or recovering from injuries. Below we look at two options, yoga and pilates, that you can add into your workout routine!


Yoga classes are a great option for anything from active rest days to a full body strength workout - and are almost always low impact. Yoga consists of various physical postures combined with breathing techniques (and occasionally meditation, depending on the class).

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Pilates, like yoga, is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and enhance mental awareness - with the addition of specially designed apparatus and a focus on core strength and flexibility.

Pilates classes are typically more focused on building strength and correct posture than flexibility - but many incorporate stretching and flexibility exercises as well.

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While both yoga and pilates can be practiced at home, you’ll see the most benefit when participating in a group setting with a qualified instructor. Not only will you be more confident that your posture and positioning is proper to avoid injuries, you’ll also be able to receive personalized feedback from the instructor.

The social component of these classes also helps keep you accountable to show up - and encourage a healthy dose of competition!

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