Fitness 360 is Turning 10!

Fitness 360 is Turning 10!

This September, Fitness 360 will be celebrating 10 years in business!

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September is an exciting month for Fitness 360… We are celebrating 10 years in business!

To commemorate this special occasion we are having a party! On SEPTEMBER 19TH, we will be having a BBQ with outdoor classes, massage demo’s, a silent auction and a 10 day Challenge.

We encourage everyone to join us to celebrate this special milestone! For anyone considering joining our community, we are offering memberships where the first month is only $10!

For our current members we will be having a 10 day Challenge. Our Personal Trainers have put together 10 days’ worth of workouts for you to do. Each time you do one of their workouts, you will receive a ballot to enter into a draw for a chance to win…… 10 MONTHS FREE MEMBERSHIP! You don’t want to miss out on this one! The more workouts you do the more chance you have to win!

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During our celebration we will also have an auction with some fabulous prizes from our neighboring businesses! Depending on what you do that day, workout in a class, cardio machine or your own routine, you will receive a certain number of ballots to use towards the prize you would most like to get! It’s that simple! The more you do and the harder you work the better chance you have at winning!

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SEPTEMBER 19th is a day you don’t want to miss! 11:00-630pm

Pass this on and invite your friends!

We look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces while we celebrate this exciting time! Visit our website click here

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