Muscle Groups Women Often Overlook

Muscle Groups Women Often Overlook

Focusing on strengthening the areas most overlooked by women can help you reach your fitness goals faster, and help support a healthy lifestyle!

Looking for ways to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing? For women, focusing on often-overlooked muscle groups may just be the key. Below we take you through three muscle groups to focus on and the exercises you can do to help strengthen them!

Neck and Upper Back (Trapezius)

This muscle runs from shoulder to shoulder and up your neck. This muscle is always working as its involved in all your arm, shoulder, and neck movements. For women who carry around heavy purses, a bag on one shoulder can cause serious imbalances.

Trapezius Exercise: Wall Angels

No equipment required.

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Start standing, feet wide, with your back against a wall and arms extended out to the side with your elbows bent 90 degrees, palms facing forward. Then, while keeping your head, spine, butt, elbows, and the back of your hands against the wall, slide your arms straight up overhead.

Try for three sets of 10.

2) The Spine (erector spinae)

Or more specifically, the muscles that run up and down either side of your spine that support it. These muscles are used for EVERYTHING from maintaining your body’s proper alignment, supporting all movement, and flexing, bending, and reaching. Strengthening the muscles around your spine is not only important for reaching your fitness goals, but also for protecting your spine in the case of a fall or accident.

Erector Spinae Exercise: Cobra Back Extension

No equipment required

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This exercise will help strengthen your entire back. Lay face down on the ground with your palms flat on the floor, legs extended out straight and toes pointed. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and press them down away from your ears. Then, extend your spine, lifting your chest, arms, and hands off the floor. Rotate your palms away from your body, but keep your feet on the ground. Slowly lower to start position and repeat.

Try for three sets of 15.

3) Hip Muscles

We aren’t talking about those booty muscles here ladies. The hip muscles are an often overlooked but important component of preventing injuries like ACL tears (which occur four to six times more often in women. This is mostly because they help stabilize your body and keep everything aligned. When your body moves, tight or weak hip muscles can cause the energy transfer to be off balance - leading to all kinds of injuries.

Hip Muscle Exercise: Lateral Tube Walk

Requires small resistance band or loop

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Start standing and wrap a small resistance loop or band around your ankles. Bend your knees and sit back slightly into your hips (a quarter squat). From there, step sideways 15 times, keeping tension on the band the entire time. Repeat going back to the other side 15 times. Be sure to stay in the quarter squat position.

Try for 3 sets of 15 steps in both directions.

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