Fitness and Your Health - PART 2

Fitness and Your Health - PART 2

With the rise of people taking their fitness and health more seriously, we look at the different ways people are focusing on physical fitness for their health!

[SERIES] Fitness is an incredible tool that can be leveraged to improve all aspects of your life. As taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, has become a global commitment, people are finding different ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. To see Part One, click here.

“People have realized that the key to living longer is to be healthier. They’ve also realized how much easier their daily lives can be after incorporating fitness into their day to day activities.” Kerri, Fitness360 for Women

By changing the way you look at exercise - as an integral part of your health, not a chore! - you can explore different types of activities that you enjoy, and participate in them because you enjoy them - and the health benefits become a bonus!

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To add to part one of fitness and your health, below are a few more ideas on how to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine!

Replace your snack with a walk

Instead of snacking when you’re bored, go for a walk, short hike, have a mini dance party or try a short exercise or yoga video on YouTube (LINK).

Try an activity monitor

A pedometer is a simple tool to track your daily steps - but you can find much more sophisticated ones to help track sleeping patterns, water consumption, and calories. Fitbit and Gruve are great options for monitoring your baseline activity level and encourage you to move more!

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Make leisure time active time

Instead of spending your evening watching TV, go bowling or play an active video game - this has the added bonus of allowing you to spend fun time with family and friends!

Kerri and her team at Fitness360 for Women can help you take your fitness from day to day changes to complete lifestyle shifts.

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