Fitness and Your Health - PART 1

Fitness and Your Health - PART 1

With the rise of people taking their fitness and health more seriously, we look at the different ways people are focusing on physical fitness for their health!

[SERIES] Fitness is an incredible tool that can be leveraged to improve all aspects of your life. As taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, has become a global commitment, people are finding different ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.

“People have realized that the key to living longer is to be healthier. They’ve also realized how much easier their daily lives can be after incorporating fitness into their day to day activities.” Kerri, Fitness360 for Women

By changing the way you look at exercise - as an integral part of your health, not a chore! - you can explore different types of activities that you enjoy, and participate in them because you enjoy them - and the health benefits become a bonus!

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Below are a few ideas on how to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine - and remember: pace yourself and stay true to yourself - just because something works for your friend or family member, doesn’t mean it’s right for you!

Find small ways to make a big impact

Take the stairs rather than the elevator at work or at home, schedule a walking meeting with colleagues, and/or consider adding a portable stepping or peddling device that fits under your workstation (bonus for a standing desk!). Try taking a 10 or 15 minute walk on your lunch hour to up those steps and get some fresh air.

Take a break from sitting

Make sure to stand, stretch, or even take a 10 to 15 minute walk every hour while at work or relaxing at home. This will keep your blood flowing and your muscles from getting stiff.

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Turn a chore into an adventure

If you’re anything like us, grocery shopping can feel like a real chore. But you can turn it into a mini-adventure by walking to and from the grocery store, or by exploring a local farmers market. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try taking up gardening and grow some of your own food! All these options get you some exercise and provide a fun way to explore new foods.

Kerri and her team at Fitness360 for Women can help you take your fitness from day to day changes to complete lifestyle shifts.

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