How Often Should You Be Working Out?

How Often Should You Be Working Out?

With so much conflicting information available about how often and it what style you should work out, the key is finding what works for you!

If you’ve ever Googled ‘what’s the best workout?’ you’ll know there isn’t one definitive answer. This is both because many fitness professionals have different opinions, and because what works for one person may feel like torture for another!

Five Day Routine

Different goals means different types and frequency of workouts - one of the more common routines is the five-day workout pattern: 3 strength days, 2 cardio days, and 2 rest days.

It’s important to focus on different components throughout the week, and spread out what muscles you are using. For example, try not to do two strength days, focusing on your lower body, back to back.

Instead, you might follow a schedule similar to the following:

Monday: Upper body strength

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Lower body strength

Friday: Cardio

Saturday: Full body strength

Sunday: Rest

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Remember your goals - and don’t be afraid to adjust your routine accordingly. If your goal is to add muscle, maybe cut out a cardio day.

If your goal is to improve endurance, skip a strength day or add in an extra low-impact cardio day

Switch it up

Try to switch up the types of exercise you do on a weekly basis - this will help avoid the muscle adaptation that makes your workouts less effective.

If you workout at home, use different bodyweight exercises in combination with whatever weights you have for your strength days, and make sure you’re mixing up your cardio.

If you workout at a gym - even better. You’ll have access to different equipment on a regular basis, and you can change up what exercises you do more easily.

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