Top 5 Reasons to Join a Women-Only Gym

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Women-Only Gym

There's been a huge increase in women-only gyms in the last ten years. Here's the top five reasons you should join one too!

We all know the feeling - walking into a gym excited for your workout, ready to get started....only for the entire place to be run over with loudly grunting, heavy-weight throwing, selfie-wielding men taking up all the equipment. Aside from the annoyance of these situations, they can be downright intimidating.

Below we’ve put together the top five reasons you should consider joining a women-only gym.

1. Stay Confident in Your Goals

Your confidence in your goals is crucial to actually achieving them - an uphill battle when the guy beside you is lifting ten times your body-weight. Women who feel self-conscious at the gym are far less likely to focus on their own goals.

2. Custom Equipment

The programs and equipment at women-only gyms are hand-picked for a woman’s physique and goals. Men and women’s bodies require very different things to reach the same goals - so a gym stocked full of equipment catering specifically to women’s body alignments, bodily contours, and staff educated on women’s bodies are all huge advantages.

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3. Small and Intimate

Women-only gyms tend to be smaller and more intimate - they’re only servicing half the population! - and so tend to offer better member services and programs. You’ll also find those wait times for machines far less!

4. Better Support

As hard as they may try, men just can’t understand women as well as other women can. A women-only gym can provide an amazing support network for both physical and emotional progress - especially important when most members are there to lose weight or get in better shape.

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5. A Sense of Community

As a more long-term benefit similar to Better Support, creating a strong sense of community is much easier when everyone there is simply trying their best to increase their fitness level. When you feel a sense of community, whether it be at work, in your neighbourhood, or even at the gym, you are far more likely to feel supported and encouraged - making hitting those goals that much easier.

At Fitness 360 for Women, we strive to create the best community, environment, and facility for you to reach your goals in. But don't take our word for it - try us out with a FREE DAY PASS HERE!! We can’t wait to meet you!