Why Working Out at the Gym is Better than At Home

Why Working Out at the Gym is Better than At Home

The convenience of working out alone at home is hard to shrug off - but what are you missing by not working out in a group setting?

Working out at home provides some serious benefits: you don’t have to drive to the gym or workout facility, there’s no judgment or competition to worry about, and you can hop in your own shower right after.

But what if some of those so-called ‘benefits’ are actually harming your chances of hitting your fitness goals?

People that workout with others are more likely to do more or push themselves farther than they would on their own - that same sense of competition that you miss at home, when introduced in a supportive and encouraging environment, can be the difference between plateauing with your goals.

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Working out at the gym also gets you out of the house. But wait! Wasn’t that at benefit just a second ago? While convenient, working out at home also means you are susceptible to all the distractions of being home - meaning even if your workout happens, it likely won’t be to the same intensity as if you were at the gym: where all you need to do is workout.

When you’re in a public or group setting, you also have the opportunity to meet new people with a similar mindset - a major mood booster that can make you feel better about working out in general.

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Working out with others is both therapeutic and encouraging - and at Fitness 360 for Women, we strive to add that experience with amazing customer service and incredible facilities.

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