Workout for more than just a sexy body!

Workout for more than just a sexy body!

7 Reasons you should workout that have nothing to do with a Sexy Body!

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The greatest challenge in developing a permanent exercise habit is finding motivation that lasts. It's easy to get to the gym when you're preparing for the big beach vacation or want to look great for your high school reunion. But what about the rest of the time?

For many, your life might look like this: you follow a pretty consistent pattern of gaining weight, hating how you look, then hitting the gym with a vengance for a few weeks, start looking good and feeling good, enjoying your new found vanity, lose your motivation and stop working out for a few weeks only to repeat this cycle again and again.

Vanity, it turns out, isn't a great long term motivator for most people. It isn't until you associate exercise with rewards beyond the physical appearance that you are able to get yourself to the gym 5-6 times a week without an lapses.

To help your bring consistency and enthusiasm to your exercise schedule, here are some powerful reasons to workout that have nothing to do with looking good.

1. Clarity and Concentration:

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An active body has been linked to an active mind. The more consistently you exercise, the less prone you will be to grogginess and lapses in concentration. As anecdotal evidence of this, my best cure for being in a rut has always been going for a long walk, run or hitting the gym

2. Cleansing:

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Have you ever gone a couple of weeks without exercise and noticed that you begin to sweat an exorbitant amount the next time you go for a run? That's because sweat, along with toxins, tends to build up over time. Sweating regularly through exercise removes these toxins and will help you feel more comfortable and clean.

3. Better Sleep:

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Better Sleep

Studies have shown that exercise improves sleep. If you have trouble sleeping make sure to get moving (avoid exercise 1-2 hours before bed), you will notice a big difference and you will feel a lot better!

4. Longer Life:

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Longer life

People who exercise regularly live longer and stay healthier into old age. We all know we are aging and when we age our bodies start to deteriorate and not work like they used to. But with exercise you can ease the aches and have a more fulfilling life.

5. Stress Relief:

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Exercise has also been shown to reduce stress. This is a combined result of the benefits of cleansing, reflection and a physical outlet for frustration. Your body weakens under stress and needs the release that exercise brings. Stress is very toxic and everyone needs an outlet to destress.

6. Superior Strength and Endurance:

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By exercising regularly, you will be better able to live and act, and in the event of an emergency, seize the moment. You will feel stronger and more equipped to plug through your life.

7. Self Confidence:

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Self Confidence

The sum of all these benefits is Self Confidence (and yes, looking good will help here too). Greater self confidence drives success in all areas of your life. You will feel accomplished for sticking to a regular routine and more able to tackle the life you want to live.

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workout for more than a sexy body