Benefits of working out with a Friend/Partner

Benefits of working out with a Friend/Partner

Life is better with people around... so why would it be any different during your workout!

Benefits of working out with a Friend/Partner

Benefits of working out with a Friend/Partner

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Maybe you enjoy an occasional long run by yourself or perhaps you like cycling solo, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for friends in your workout routine. In fact, if you’re trying to make exercise a habit or you’re hoping to hit a specific goal, a friend could be a big help.

If you’ve always been a solo gym-goer, maybe it’s time to find a friend for your workouts. I’ve outlined the fitness benefits of working out with a friend and some of them may make you think twice about going it alone!

1. Motivation – Friends provide built in motivation. The fact that you are there together is motivating enough. A friend can push you when you really don’t feel like doing that workout and they can encourage you when you want to quit.

2. Two Person Exercises – With two people there are more options for your workout. Partner Pushups, Partner crunches passing a medicine ball etc! Exercise can be fun and it might not even feel like hard work if you use your imagination!

3. Accountability – With a partner, you have a scheduled time to meet and exercise. You will be less likely to cancel on them as you will feel bad for backing out on your date. It is a great way to keep eachother going

4. Learn new moves – There is always room for improvement, even if you think you know all the exercise already! A friend may have new moves you never thought of and can teach them to you.

5. Competition – If you have a partner that is fitter, stronger or faster than you, that may be all the fuel you need! Keeping up and looking good beside them might be your goal and what a great goal to have! To be more like your partner! The other side of the coin, if you are the fitter partner is making sure they don’t surpass you in their fitness journey! A little competition can be good!

6. Avoid Injury – having a partner working out beside you may help you do exercises properly to avoid injuries. They can spot you or point out when your form isn’t correct.

7. Affordability – If one on one personal training sessions look appealing to you but the expense is out of your budget, a friend may be just the ticket! 2 people working with a personal trainer is often cheaper for each person and it allows you to get the same workout just with a friend at your side.

8. More fun! - Make your workout dates as part of your social calendar. Instead of going for coffee to catch up, workout together and talk while you work. It’s the perfect thing to do when time is tight.

Benefits of working out with a Friend/Partner

Many possibilities when you workout together