A Complete Overview of ISO 9001 (QMS) in Oman

A Complete Overview of ISO 9001 (QMS) in Oman

ISO 9001 is the Quality Management System standard set up by ISO.

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Did you know that 40% of people make a thorough check of the product or service quality before purchasing it? That’s how important quality has been in this competitive market space for organization that is providing products or services of any sort.

So, let me take you to a very interesting and important topic today that deals with how you can up your quality game and get and edge over your competitors. ISO 9001 in Oman deals with Quality Management System. It is an international standard set up by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), the apex body of setting market relevant international standards.

Let me give you a brief of ISO first; it is an independent international body headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It has grown leaps and bound in the 73 years from its inception and holds an authoritative position in the global space.

Specifics of ISO 9001 (QMS)

By ISO 9001:2015 it is meant that the product or services offered by ISO 9001:2015 certified organization is complied with international standards.

ISO 9001 standard sets up guidelines and regulation for implementing a proper and an efficient process quality at place that helps organization to up their quality game as per the global standards.

The most recent and the updated version was published in the year 2015 hence, it is represented as ISO 9001:2015.

Implementation of ISO 9001 in Oman

A standardized format known as the PDCA cycle is used for implementing ISO 9001 certification in Oman.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle is the most efficient way to implement this standard in Oman location. This cycle involves the entire management in implementing this standard.

Plan: It is the initial step for the certification; a proper planning is done which involves checking up of the process manuals of the company and other things that determine the quality of the company’s product or service.

Do: This step is also known as the action part which means that whatever you planned in the initial step should be implemented in this step.

Check: The third phase is the monitoring phase where you observe whether the actions implemented in previous step is working as per the planning phase.

Act: This is the final stage where you take actions to remove all the shortcoming observed in the third phase and comply with the mentioned standards of ISO.

Bottom Line

Let me tell you one more interesting fact as I conclude this topic, there are over 1 million organization in over 170 countries around the globe that have been ISO 9001:2015 certified which has resulted in an increased efficiency of their quality process.

One of the most compatible things about ISO 9001 is, it is independent of the size and nature of organization. Thus, it can be implemented by any organization who wishes to increase their process quality.

In the same way there are around 22,000 ISO Certification in Oman which has helped a lot of organization achieve their business targets.

ISO 9001:2015 certified

By now, it must have been clear that why ISO 9001 is beneficial for your organization. If you are willing to get ISO 9001:2015 for your organization you must know that ISO only sets standard and doesn’t provide certificate.

The certification part is done by external issuing authorities who do an audit based on the standard that you require for your organization.

Depending on the countries there are major issuing authorities but in some cases you need a proper consultation for an efficient implementation and the issuing authorities won’t provide you consultation part.

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