“Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul”

“Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul”

The Fine Arts Society of Milton is a not for profit organization. Your donations on our Go Fund Me page are greatly appreciated.

A first glance at the name of the new Milton District Hospital’s mural, it seems quite incomplex.

It can be read in two ways: the subject being the Town of Milton, as a personification of the people and their warm heartedness. Or it could be interpreted to mean that Milton’s unique landscapes: the verdant farmlands, the picturesque countryside, the winding roads, the bold escarpment gives one a warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity.

To those who put hands on in the making of the mural it goes beyond those meanings.

When visiting the Milton Mall where the mural was born, and watching any one of the thirty two volunteers it was quite apparent this was not work. This was to be a one of a kind effort. A one of a kind piece of art. A one of a kind gift to the hospital and to those who set their eyes on it.

There were many layers in the process and each person involved contributed to the over 1000 hours it took to apply each layer. As the veneer built up, the strength and character of the mural developed.

Every nail, every drop of glue, every brushstroke brought the mural into being. But those who applied the materials and those who agonized over every minute detail are the ones who brought it to life.

The intensity on the faces (See photos on gofundme/fasm-mural) demonstrates the love for this project, the deep desire to do it well and the sincere generosity of a gift for the community and a facility that is so vital.

And now it’s done, in place and will be seen in September during tours and publicly accessible in October when the hospital officially opens the expansion to patients.

Together with the following volunteers, the Fine Arts Society Of Milton and its 150 members are honoured to present our mural, “Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul’ to our community, to the residents of Milton and surrounding area.

Be a part of this gift to the community! Your donation to our gofundme/fasm-mural campaign will make a difference.

The Fine Arts Society of Milton is a not for profit organization.


Ursula McDermid, PresidentTina Newlove, Creative Designer and Principal Artist

Tina Newlove, Creative Designer and Principal ArtistNancy Cuttle, Sculptor and Mural Director

Nancy Cuttle, Sculptor and Mural Director


Bill Wright, Charles Jordan, Neil McCormick, David Franklin, Diana Tuszynski, Marie Austen, Linda Reeb, Carol Chaddock, Trixy Benner, Monica Burnside, Maggie Atkinson, Angelika Koeth, Clem Scholtz, Martin Stanley, Sandy McInnes, Heather Ballantyne, Lisa MacArthur, Jason DiMichele, Susan Duval, Lois Freese, Sani Ruberi, Sue Haringa, Judy Grimwood, Sheila Mayor, Vicki Young, Peter Young, Dave Haringa, Catherine Mambourg, Jean Rivers, Roberte Spence and Lori Crewe

And a special shout out to the staff at Milton Mall for their assistance!

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