The Fine Arts Society of Milton’s Mural: FEELING WITHOUT TOUCHING

The Fine Arts Society of Milton’s Mural: FEELING WITHOUT TOUCHING

Our special mural entitled “Milton’s Nature Warms The Soul’’, is proudly displayed at the Milton District Hospital.

As you enter the foyer of the newly expanded Milton District Hospital, your eyes gaze around and in 2 seconds you see exactly what you are looking for- the information desk. The next five seconds your eyes lead you around the room – the fireplace, the large airy windows, the patchwork floor, the donor wall, the elevators, the eating area, the gift shop and other amenities. During those moments you are suddenly struck by the overwhelming presence of a massive colourful piece of art.

The mural high above your head, entitled “Milton’s Nature Warms The Soul’’, is a representation of the four seasons of Milton and area. But not just simply the changing of the seasons. The vibrant earthy colours: blues, purples, greens, yellows and reds reflect the exciting spirit of Milton.

The fresh look of the painting portrays the youthfulness the young families who continue to come and call this town their own.

The calmness of rolling hills and valleys in the mural remind us of the strong foundation set by the senior generation who represent the backbone of the community. The trees stand straight and tall like the stewards of the town, the overseers, and the many volunteers who breathe life into so many facets of Milton.

The clouds floating above the bold escarpment remind us that not all days are sunshine and roses and that we all have storms to weather. But they will billow away and eventually better days are on the horizon.

The pastures are a quilt of strawberry fields, rows of corn, lavender farms, pumpkin patches which lay witness to bountiful and lush environment we are privileged to live in.

Cool winter shades bring to life the crunch of snow underfoot as we know it always will. Icy hues bring to mind the sound of frozen ponds cracking over sparkling clear waters.

But to the many who will over time come to view the mural there will be a vast array of impressions, one area that is special to each person, different emotions felt and hidden images here and there.

But one thing is sure: this labour of love is not one that you can touch but it is one that will touch you.