How do I improve my husband’s sperm?

How do I improve my husband’s sperm?

How can I increase my sperm naturally? What causes weak sperm? What foods produce sperm fast? What foods are bad for sperm? These are questions I get everyday.

Is there a way to improve my husband's sperm?

This is a question I am ask often!

It makes sense, because, yes, ladies, it takes two to make a baby!

Often the pressure of infertility is all on us, with good ole wanda, daily blood work, and the oh so fun sonogram, but it does take two, so we need to make sure hubby’s sperm is in tip top shape to help our fertility.

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Husbands Sperm to improve your fertility!

Fertility Bloom, Bloomiss

1. Diet - what is he eating?

A. What can he add to his daily diet?

B. What can he eliminate?

C. Is he eating sperm super foods?

D. What’s his alcohol intake?

2. Exercise

A. It has been proven that exercise boosts sperm quality.

B. Does he bike? Biking has been linked to low sperm levels.

3. Supplements

Is he taking a good quality fertility supplement? Too often I see people taking supplements that just aren’t doing what the bottle says for them. I love this sperm health one. My hubby’s sperm quality changed in 4 months from starting this supplement. He did follow my healthy sperm diet, exercise suggestions, and a bunch of other tips and tricks that I recommend.

Fertility Bloom, Bloomiss

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These three steps are just the basics, but the most important. If you want to learn more on how to boost sperm quality, what the sperm diet is, and what my other tips are, book a free consultation so we can chat.

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