The Scope and Opportunities of Investing in Indian PoEnter content title here...

The Scope and Opportunities of Investing in Indian PoEnter content title here...
about 1 month ago

Power is a main factor that contributes to the industrialization and the economic development of a nation.

It is one of the most imperative infrastructures on which the growth of numerous economic segments of a country depend. Accessibility of trustworthy and quality power at reasonable rates is very vital. It aids to make the domestic market competitive internationally and therefore augment the quality of life for individuals. The nuclear, hydro and thermal energy are the noticeable sources of electricity generation in India. In India, the power industry is enormous. India is the world's sixth-largest customer of power.

It accounts for around 3.5% of the entire power consumption around the globe. Over the years, it has been witnessed that the power industry in India has been budding significantly and assures pronounced potential for new foreign investments. Nowadays, the government of India allows up to 100% FDI India in the power subdivision. Thus, there is a remarkable opportunity lying ahead for foreign investors to capitalize in this sector.

The Central Ministry of Power is the chief authority accountable for the overall expansion of electrical energy. The ministry is in charge of planning, articulating policies, observing and implementing power assignments, handling of projects for investment decision and ratifying legislation with regards to power generation, distribution and diffusion. So as to entice foreign investments into the power industry of India, the government has publicized numerous policies and has taken initiatives now and again.

The most imperative among all the policies publicized by the government is the enactment of the Electricity Act. The act largely targets to coagulate the present laws relating to the generation, distribution, transmission and trading of electricity, endorse healthy competition amid companies in the power subdivision of India; and make sure that there is a supply of electricity to every corner of the nation. The Electricity Act also aims to vindicate electricity charges, encourage effectual and environmentally favorable policies.

The power industry in India has an enormous scope for FDI India. The power industry is one of the industries in India that bestows a win-win situation to investors. The India power industry promises pronounced revenues for their investments. The determined power plans of the government of India are an idyllic platform for making investments.


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