How safe is cracked software?

How safe is cracked software?

Cracked software ranges from “as safe as if you had bought it un-cracked from the developer”, to “all it does is destroy anything it can find on your device”.

If you aren’t sure, don’t use cracked software. It’s completely up to you to determine the safety of any cracked software. (Running in a sandbox, until you determine that a program is safe, might save you if the program isn’t safe.)

It differs, some of the cracked applications have:

• Virus - some of them contains virus that they put intentionally to harm your computer. So you have to get rid of it before it set afoot in your computer.

• Password - If we are downloading a cracked applications they usually on a zip format that some contains password and they will instruct you to do something hard but in the end there is no password or either you can get a password but sometimes it’s wrong or you have to buy it.

• Wrong File - You’ve already downloaded the cracked file and you’ve waited several hours for it to download but in the end it turns out it is a wrong file. You’ve been fraud but don’t worry it’s not your fault, they put it intentionally.

For a long time that I’ve been in front of a computer. I’ve already experienced the following, searching for the application that I want in a cracked version.

If you are looking for an old one (eg. Plants vs Zombies) it’s time to be positive you can find it and even have a load of site that contains a cracked version of that. I recommend you to use Barocrack, easier and virus free.

How safe is cracked software?

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