Replacement windows for a variety of positive reasons

Replacement windows for a variety of positive reasons

If your home is older and has the original single pane windows, the benefits of replacement windows are so significant.

Single pane windows may not do a great job of keeping the cold out in the winter or the sun’s heat during the summer. Vinyl replacement windows will substantially increase your home's energy efficiency, thereby saving you money on your heating and cooling costs by keeping your heat from escaping during the winter and protecting your home from heat entering during the summer.

Fasada offers vinyl replacement windows in Casement, Awning, Fixed, Green House style and Bay and Bow.

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Other signs your windows have reached their lifespan:

  • You notice moisture or frost between the panels.
  • You're experiencing difficulty opening or closing them.
  • The wood around your window has begun to rot.
  • You notice air leaks and drafts.

If budget is a concern, not all of your windows may need replacing at the same time. If one side of your home has been more exposed to the elements, you may choose to start with the windows that need replacement first.

Home Improvements

There are many benefits to upgrading your home with replacement windows when you are considering home improvements.

Reducing Energy Costs

Vinyl Casement Replacement windows provide better insulation at a more affordable price than other window materials. They will keep cool air in during the summer months and prevent heat loss during the winter, and you will pay in energy bills.

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Peace of Mind and Feeling Secure

Your home is your sanctuary where your family wants to feel secure and replacing your home's windows can provide that peace of mind. The right windows can keep your home better protected from intruders. Fasada carries Vinylbilt windows. Their film technology helps prevent injury should a window break and provides ten times the security.

New windows provide more natural lighting and can help with noise reduction—especially important if you live on a busy street! Modern window replacements offer better UV protection, keeping your kids safe from UV rays and protecting your furnishings from fade.

Less Maintenance

New replacement windows mean less maintenance; older, more traditional frames require extensive cleaning, repainting, and refinishing. With new, durable window frames, you can spend more time enjoying the comforts of your home.

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