Enjoy the Scenery Save Energy with Fixed Windows

Enjoy the Scenery Save Energy with Fixed Windows

When you have a scenic landscape around your home, fixed windows let nature do all the decorating!

Fixed Windows can be customized so they work with your décor both inside and out. Also known as Picture windows for the unlimited view of the outside as well as an airtight seal, these windows allow more natural light into the home.

Depending on how you design your home, fixed windows can be installed in a circular, octagon, oval, round, square or rectangular shapes.

Fixed windows have a protective resistance to UV rays, and are cost-effective as there is no faded furniture, rugs, or personal artwork to replace from damage that may happen over the years from the sun’s rays.

They are extremely energy efficient windows, complement other existing windows, and add to the beauty and design of any space.

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Save Energy

Fixed windows act as part of the home’s structure and do not open and their glass panes are mounted directly onto the frame, maximizing insulation with their snug seal to ensure optimal energy conservation.

While fixed windows are designed to give the homeowner the pleasure of enjoying the scenic view, a great addition to fixed windows is insulated glass. By combining two or more glass panes with airtight seals air between these panes, these windows can save homeowners significant amounts of money on energy bills.

A fixed window can attract more solar heat, naturally warming the inside of your home. Installing a series of new, UV resistant picture windows in rows can magnify this effect, and you can enjoy the warmth with the outdoor view.

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Options and other benefits

There are many benefits to installing fixed window, however you may also want to have windows that open and close throughout your home. Letting in natural light in hard-to-reach places such as high ceilings, where you cannot open or close the windows is a perfect place for fixed windows.

Although fixed windows do offer high energy efficiency, a well-designed home should have a mix of fixed windows and those that open such as Casement Windows. A casement window opens and closes like doors courtesy of a hinge that's attached to the sides of the frame. To enhance the look you can add simulated grilles. They can be glued onto the glass on both the interior and exterior to give a look and feel of individual pieces of glass.

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These beautiful windows add to the lightness, brightness and airiness of this Oakville home.

Whether you are choosing fixed windows or combining other types of windows in your home, Fasada in Oakville has an expert team of Design Consultations will offer expert advice to suit your style and budget.

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