Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

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Maybe you don’t like how your teeth look — they’re too long, too short, too yellow or too crooked. Maybe your smile shows too much of your gums — or not enough of your gums. Whatever your cosmetic complaint, come in to Dentist in the Bronx for a smile design to suit you. A dentist open on Saturdays and Sundays provides the services you need at a reasonable smile makeover cost. You can draw out the makeover or have it done in one fell swoop when you visit a top Bronx dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry has many procedures to benefit the smile makeover you desire. When you decide the time has come to redesign your smile, your Bronx dentist (open on Sunday) listens to you to make sure he understands your desires and concerns. Then he prepares a treatment plan to get you there.

Smile design is a procedure that considers the importance of aesthetics and continued dental health. It requires an understanding of the interrelationship between all the oral structures — including muscles, bones, joints, gingival tissues and occlusion. Careful diagnosis and analysis of all the factors deliver the best outcome.

Categories of Smile Design

The shape and color of your teeth require consideration to determine what exactly you’re looking for in your smile makeover. The three broad categories of appearance are:

  • Youthful appearance. When your adult teeth first come in, they’re longer and more prominent. They haven’t had time to wear down. Longer central incisors are associated with a more youthful appearance — and may also convey boldness and warmth. The longer central teeth draw the eye to the center of your face, emphasizing your nose and chin. This is especially good for those with prominent, attractive lips.
  • Sophisticated appearance. As you age, your longer central teeth wear down until your teeth form a straight, horizontal line across your front teeth. Because the straight line is seen in more mature adults, this look conveys wisdom and sophistication. It also emphasizes the width of your lower face.
  • Sporty appearance. In between the youthful and sophisticated appearance models is the sporty look. In this case, your central teeth are slightly longer, but not as prominent as the youthful appearance. This model conveys a more casual and warm approach.

Factors that Influence Your Design Choices

A cosmetic dentist is passionate about the aesthetics of a beautiful smile. His job is to complement and accent your attractive facial qualities and de-emphasize the less desirable ones. He also still has to take care of your dental health, which makes him a general dentist as well. So, to design your perfect smile, he considers your:

  • Face shape. If you have a longer face, your Bronx cosmetic dentist may accentuate its width. By opting for the sophisticated appearance model, your face appears more oval. To feature a perfect nose or beautiful lips, on the other hand, you may want a more youthful appearance to draw attention to the center of your face.
  • Image desires. It’s your smile and the image you want to present to others that’s a key factor in your smile design decisions. Do you want to project sophistication and intelligence or are you interested in a warmer, casual style?
  • Your present age or the age you wish to present factors in the decision too. Longer central incisors and a whiter smile make you appear younger. A flatter smile with more subdued color appears more mature.

Techniques for Improving Your Smile

After a consultation to understand your desired needs, your dentist (open on Saturday) constructs a custom-made treatment plan. He factors in your dental health and budgetary concerns in the final analysis. Smile design treatments may include:

  • These clear plastic mouthpieces that fit over your teeth move your teeth into straighter, more even positions over time. While not as durable as regular metal braces, Invisalign is much less noticeable for adults. But it works best when smaller changes are needed.
  • For larger changes in tooth position — or if you need significant changes in the shape of your mouth, your dentist may recommend orthodontics. Adults can be fitted with clear or white braces to minimize the visibility of the dental appliances.
  • Teeth whitening. Sometimes, all you need is a fresher, whiter smile. A variety of teeth whitening options, including Zoom teeth whitening procedures, is available.
  • White fillings. If you have decayed teeth, your dentist removes the decay and places white fillings made of composite resin on the visible areas.
  • Dental bonding. Small areas on your teeth can sometimes be enhanced with tooth-colored dental bonding.

Smile Makeover Costs

Smile makeover costs vary widely, depending on which treatment or treatments you and your dentist deem appropriate. Simple dental bonding or white fillings cost $100 to $400 per tooth. Teeth whitening procedures range in price from $250 to $500. Crowns cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. Orthodontics can range from $5,000 to $7,000. Invisalign procedures often cost $3,000 to $8,000. Your dentist considers the best procedures for your needs and budgetary concerns.

Cosmetic dentists use the smile design procedures to enhance your overall appearance. Your facial composition: the alignment, proportion and symmetry of your face; your dental composition: your teeth and your gingival tissues, must be considered together to make this process smooth and successful. Your dentist (who can also be your Saturday dentist) works with you to take all these factors under advisement.

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