"How divorce went from a devastating life event to a cause for celebration"

"How divorce went from a devastating life event to a cause for celebration"

Sabrina Maddeaux's article captures an important shift related to the perception of divorce in contemporary Western society.

“The rise of the ‘happy divorce’ – by far the biggest cultural shift when it comes to splitting up since the 1970s” proclaimed Sabrina Maddeaux in her recent National Post article (http://nationalpost.com/entertainment/how-divorce-went-from-a-devastating-life-event-to-a-cause-for-celebration). A timely article, with January and February seeing the usual spikes in new separations as people begin the new year with determination for a new path forward. And an insightful article as well, as she traces the history of divorce through a generational lens.

What's been a tremendous enabler to this cultural shift in our attitudes toward separation and divorce has been the rise of new alternatives to the traditional litigation approach. Most notably has been the creation of a whole new practice called divorce mediation, literally changing the way divorce happens here in Canada. More and more couples are choosing to work with one multi-disciplined mediator to help them remain amicable through this difficult time and to have a voice in their decisions. A happy divorce is possible. Thousands of couples using divorce mediation have found it’s a fair way to approach their separation, and it saves them time, costs and preserves their family relationships.

Well done Sabrina and the National Post! So encouraging to see well-researched articles that are so aligned with this new approach to divorce.