Faery Home Childcare has an Opening!

 Faery Home Childcare has an Opening!

Faery Home Childcare, in Lancaster and Victoria St area, in Kitchener On

Lesley Cressman, Home Childcare

Lesley Cressman

Faery Home Childcare

Lesley Cressman, RECE, CLD owner of

A Faery Home Childcare


My home daycare has one possibly two opening for home daycare. Presently, I have 1 year old, 1 3.5, and 4 year old children in my care.


I am passionate about how young children and their families; learn and develop within our society, daycare centres, and schools. I am a graduate of Conestoga College's Early Childhood Education Program, where I graduated on the Deans List with Distinction. I completed the first term of Social Services from Conestoga College (Group Dynamics, Social Work and the Law, Social Systems, Psychology and Sociology), I am a Reiki Master, Doulas and Doula Trainer.

Professional History:

I ran a home daycare for 19 years, before returning to college to earn my Early Childhood Educator Diploma. Following graduation, I was one of the RECE Teachers at Moppet Parent Run Preschool for two years. I was RECE Enhanced Staff at KWHAB, traveling to different centres within the region of Waterloo for a year. I Volunteered at KidsLink, as Preschool Pal at a Daycare Centre. And Lastly, I volunteered as an Emergent Network Leader, with the Region of Waterloo-Conestoga College PRC, for two years. Now, I have returned to running a home daycare to meet the needs of my community.

Presently, I run my home daycare, I run a doula business, I teach and certify doulas, I facilitate free prenatal classes, and volunteer as a I am a breastfeeding buddy.

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Our Days

About my program:

In my home daycare you will find a place where children are able to explore out from a secure base. My home run program is on the main floor of my home, offering a natural sunlight space. I offer a flexible family like environment where I listen to the rhythms of the children I care for each day. Documentation Pictures and Moments in our world:

 Faery Home Childcare has an Opening!

Faery Home Childcare:

Please note due to our new move of our location, the pictures of our home have changes. We moved to an incredible bungalow that is an open concept space, where I can see the children play as I prepare meals. Our bathroom space and sleep space is all on one floor. We are excited to have a great big backyard, with a huge magnolia tree in the backyard creating shade.

Our Home

At a Faery Home Childcare, we love our nursery rhymes.

Faery Home Childcare explores a Music and Movement Daily


"Children who live in an atmosphere of love and warmth, and who have around them truly good examples to imitate, are living in their proper element."                  —Rudolf Steiner, The Education of the Child

Faery Houses

Faery Houses

I am a firm believer in knowledge being power, and allowing individuals the right of self-determination. Personally, I love my career choice, I take my role seriously and I expect myself to exceed the mandate requirements of my field. On December 2, 2014, Bill 10, the Child Care Modernization Act, 2014, passed third reading in the Ontario legislature.

Association of Early Childhood Educators On, Bill 10

Bill 10, Child Care Modernization Act, 2014

At this point and time, December 2nd 2014, I am an Independently Owned and Run Home childcare, I am an unregulated program; where feel, I meet and exceed the mandated of my field.

Discovery, provocations, RECE, Children's Interests, needs, play

Discovery, provocations, RECE, Children's Interests, needs, play