Basic Daycare Contracts

Basic Daycare Contracts

This is a simply contract, please feel free to expand on it for your needs.

Parent and Provider Agreement

This agreement for child care arrangement between

__________________________________ and ________________________,

(Care provider)                                                    (Parent)

For the care of ___________________________________________. (child’s name(s)

Emergency Contact: _____________________________________________________________

The schedule for care will be provided: _____________________________________________.

The rate for care will be $ ______________per (month, day, hour) to be paid:

____daily ___weekly___bi-monthly___monthly.

I agree to abide by the sick, medication, late fee, late pick up, and redirection policies.

Parents are required to bring diapers, bottles, blankets, a change of clothing and creams.

There is a two week policies for canceling care; however, care may be cancelled immediately if it is in the best needs of the child, late payment, and confrontational behavior.

Date _________________________ Signed ______________________________________


Signed _______________________________________