Faery Home Childcare is changing

 Faery Home Childcare is changing

Our program is changing to a nature based curriculum that is inspired from the Reggio Emilia program.

Please note, our program has one opening part time at the moment for an over two spot. In accordance to the The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA). We have a wait list, our next opening September 2019 and Jan 2020, for an under two spot. Please feel free to reach out email and ask if we will have a spot when you need one.

Here is where we are looking at for the creation of our new space.

Reggio Emilia: how to get started in your setting

While we love the bones of our space and we are excited for this new adventure this summer to unfold. We truly want to create a space where children can sore. In a paper I read, "Believing that “the potential of children is stunted when the endpoint of their learning is formulated in advance” (Carlina Rinaldi), teachers develop an “emergent curriculum” in collaboration with the learners." (Basic Principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach)  Change is good, it can be a little uncomfortable at times, but the learning environment for the children to reach their full potential is our goal.

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Just in case you were wondering what does a Reggio inspired space look like? Please note this is not our space yet, we will be creating a video to share shortly.

YouTube, Catherine Muller

So far here is where our space has transitioned:

  1. logs
  2. looseparts
  3. natural fibers and bits.
  4. glass paint jars
  5. wooden toys
  6. Waldorf dolls
  7. Fabric pieces
 Faery Home Childcare is changing

our HUGE chunks we found

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Our outdoor blocks

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Our loose nature parts

 Faery Home Childcare is changing

Our garden

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You cannot plan this type of discovery

What does the CNN News say about Reggio Curriculum or learning style?

CNN News Report on Reggio Emilia Italy Early Childhood Schools in the US

In my research one of the key principles was the 100 Languages of Children. According to the website, Child Discovery Center, "One of the key principles of the Reggio Emilia approach is the belief and use of 100 hundred languages. Like you may guess, the principle refers to communication. However, the emphasis is in offering children one hundred ways to share their thinking. Children learn in different ways and the one hundred languages offer different means for learning and expression (e.g. talking, writing, drawing, painting, wire sculpture, clay modeling, dancing, acting, representing with recyclable, manmade materials or natural materials)."

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We hope you will check follow our progress on Instagram, facebook, or our website.

Lesley Cressman, RECE

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