Fight Wrinkles with Face Yoga

Fight Wrinkles with Face Yoga

Face yoga serves the exact purpose of our face as yoga does to our body. It relaxes and tones our facial muscles that have gotten tight by accumulating stress

We all know that how yoga serves multiple benefits for our bodies. Now is the right time that we get to know about the benefits of yoga on our faces too. Face yoga serves the exact purpose of our face as yoga does to our body. It relaxes and tones our facial muscles that have gotten tight by accumulating stress for a long period of time. By practicing a set of facial exercises and poses, face yoga targets the most stressed prone zones like our muscles around the jaws, eyebrows, mouth, eyes, and forehead. The face is also known as a great alternative to Botox and surgery for removing fine lines, sagging jowls, and wrinkles.

This article will tell you how we can adopt face yoga to remove wrinkles from our faces.

Let's know first how wrinkles form upon our face

Before understanding any further benefits of face yoga for wrinkles removal, let's understand first how wrinkles exactly form on our face.

We all have 42 muscles in our face that help us to make facial expressions. We generally don't notice how we use all these muscles on a daily basis while reacting to different situations. As we keep using these muscles for an extended period of time to make different expressions, grooves and wrinkles start to appear on our faces.

Besides that reason, as we age with time, the production of collagen and elastin also starts to reduce in our face. It leads to the deterioration of connective tissues in our face and starts to form fine lines and wrinkles.

How does face yoga work on wrinkles?

Fight Wrinkles with Face Yoga

Face yoga includes massages and exercises that stimulate facial muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. Face yoga practices are specifically designed to soften and relax our facial muscles so they can help to lighten tensions, stress, and worry. It can also help us to stop making excessive, unnecessary facial expressions that generally turn out to be the most basic reason behind wrinkles and fine lines.

By stimulating face muscles, face yoga increases the blood circulation to our face. It helps with the production of more collagen and elastin proteins. These elements are helpful to maintain the elasticity and tightness of our faces. This ceases wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on our faces.

Yoga practices for face wrinkles

Fight Wrinkles with Face Yoga

Exercises for wrinkles around eyes

The skin around our eyes is way thinner than the rest of the face. It causes to show aging signs around that part first and starts to form wrinkles and fine lines. Do these exercises to fight that aging effect on your eyes.

1. Move both of your eyes from left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top while keeping your jawbone firm. Repeat this practice five times in every direction. It will help to prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

2. Place thumbs on the outer corner of your eyes and fingers on the top of your head. Squeeze your eyes tightly as you close them while using your thumb to pull the outer corners of your eyes outwards. Stay in that pose for five to ten seconds. Repeat for ten times.

Exercises for forehead wrinkles

Fight Wrinkles with Face Yoga

Our bad lifestyle causes wrinkles on our forehead the most. These exercises will help you with it.

1. Put your smallest fingers above your brows and other fingers spreading gently, covering your forehead. Raise your eyebrows in this position in a way to make it look as you are surprised. Do that exercise 10 times a day for better results.

2. Interlock your fingers and place your wrapped hands behind the hairline on your forehead. Move your forehead backward a little and pucker your lips to make an O shape and look downwards. Do this for 10 seconds and repeat the process 20 times a day.

Exercises for wrinkles around the mouth

Fight Wrinkles with Face Yoga

With time we start to generate laugh lines and wrinkles around our mouths. Follow these exercises to avoid and reduce them.

1. Use your forefingers to pull the corners of your mouth backward as far as possible while keeping your lips parallel to each other. Hold that pose for ten seconds and do 20 reps every day.

2. Apply pressure on your mouth wrinkles using your forefinger tips. Now smile as wide as possible. Maintain this pose for five to ten seconds and repeat 25 reps a day for better results.

Final take away

Face yoga is an amazing therapy for improving facial health by softening, stretching, and strengthening facial muscles. If we want to prevent wrinkles from appearing or reducing on our face, then it's better if we adopt face yoga to remove wrinkles and gain youthful, healthy skin.