ISO 22301 Certification in Bangalore

 ISO 22301 Certification in Bangalore

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What is ISO 22301 Certification?

ISO 22301 is the first international standard for societal security – business continuity. This standard shows structure for managing business continuity in a corporation. Expert Certifier is a professional certification and consulting company offering ISO 22301 Certification services in Bangalore.

Requirements of ISO 22301 Certification in Bangalore:

Assessment of risk – Assessment of risk is the first and most vital requirement of ISO 22301 Standard. This accounts to detect upcoming risks and disruption a corporation could face.

Planning – Planning is a process without which a corporation can never attain its objective. A corporation without an idea isn’t a corporation. Planning of protection and prevention comprises of a big place in requirements of ISO 22301 Standard.

Operation – Operation is another necessary process to achieve ISO 22301 Standard. The goal of ISO 22301 Standard remains unachieved without proper operation of the plan.

Documental control – a corporation requires proper documentation control to be accepted and given conformity of ISO 22301 Standard.

Continual Improvement – Survival is merely possible with unremitting improvement. Thus, continual improvement counts to be an irreplaceable process within the achievement of ISO 22301 Standard.


Improvement of business reputation resulting in higher customer retention.

Enhanced business deciding ability because the company will have a far better understanding of threats to operations.

Reduced risk of interruption to internal operations as results of continuity incidents.

Helps safeguard the longer term of the business.


Their supply chain is going to be more resilient in order that they are going to be less likely to let their customers down.

A reduction within the risk of adverse publicity caused by ‘down time’.

When tendering for brand spanking new business, they will talk confidently about your internationally recognized business continuity certification.


Increased staff competency through enhanced process and procedure.

Improved job satisfaction as employees are clear about what do.

Morale and motivation are boosted through improved training.

Best practices

Some best practices in gaining management buy-in for an ISO 22301 certification in Bangalore program include:

Ensuring participation of key process owners.

People have tons to try doing and don’t wish to complete mundane tasks like filling out business impact analysis information. The simplest thanks to avoid apathy are to automate the gathering of this data and make it easy for users to populate this information in an easy-to-use system. Then confirm that they understand how they will use this information productively. Sell the advantages of the business impact analysis to the method owner by helping them find ways to enhance their program.

Provide the required resources:

Demonstrate the business value of ISO certification in business terms (i.e. days sales, outstanding creep, revenue loss, delay penalties, premium freight cost, reputational risk and supreme loss of the business).

Make sure everything is roofed within the risk analysis and business impact analysis.

Utilize a structured methodology to spot risks and their impacts on the business.

Make sure your methodology includes every department within your organization to demonstrate the risks and business impacts on the whole enterprise.

Make the program easy to know.

Appoint a business continuity champion and provides the access to senior leadership to evangelize.

Include senior management in high level business continuity management awareness events and desktop exercises.

In short, by undertaking ISO 22301 certification in Bangalore you’ll obtain a far better understanding of your organization and find out how to engrain the business continuity discipline across your enterprise. The continued surveillance of your business continuity systems will foster a spirit of continual improvement that enhances other management programs. You’ll drive the alignment of your organizations’ resilience capabilities in parallel with key management initiatives and business digital transformation. And, your enterprise will join a group of companies committed to business continuity and resiliency. ISO 22301 Certification standard aides in recognizing dangers applicable to your business and basic business capacities.

Why do you have to work with Expert Certifier for Assessment?

With years of experience helping organizations like yours, Expert Certifier for Assessment is that the ideal option to complete your ISO 22301 audit and certification.

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Certification and Audit Process

For Developing and Implement your Management System you may prefer to hire a consultant to assist you design and implement your Business Continuity Management System. For example Expert Certifier offers a consultancy service that provides you with an inventory of our independent associates. You’ll prefer to use Expert Certifier for Assessment to supply a pre-assessment service.

Which industries should implement ISO 22301: 2019?

ISO 22301 is best fitted to companies that can’t afford to manage downtime without interruption. For instance, IT organizations cannot afford downtime because it can cause customers to modify to competitors that appear more reliable. As markets become more competitive, implementation systems like ISO 22301 can make a difference by linking and expanding their customer base. In recent years, other industries, like construction and the public sector, have implemented the quality. If your organization must make sure that customer, employees, and stakeholders have an idea to correct interruptions that minimize downtime, ISO 22301 certification is the perfect option.

How to get ISO 22301 certification in Bangalore – Consultants in Bangalore?

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