ISO 22301 Certification and consultation United States

ISO 22301 Certification and consultation United States

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Introduction to ISO 22301 - Business Continuity Management System :

ISO, the world leader in developing International standard has developed the ISO 22301 standard in United states that specifies the needs of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) System. Business Continuity Management has become crucial to assist Organizations mitigate the consequences of disasters that would potentially disrupt business operations. The newest standard is the ISO 22301:2019 standard.

What are the advantages of business continuity?

There are four essential business benefits that a corporation is able to do with the implementation of this business continuity standard:

Comply with legal requirements. There are more and more countries defining laws and regulations requiring business continuity compliance. And beyond government interests, private businesses (e.g., financial institutions) also are requiring their suppliers and partners to implement business continuity solutions and the excellent news is that ISO 22301 provides an ideal framework and methodology to support compliance with these requirements – by reducing administrative and operational effort.

Achieve marketing advantage: If your company is ISO 22301 certified and your competitors aren’t, you'll have a plus over them when it involves customers who are sensitive about keeping the continuity of their operations, and the delivery of their products and services. Additionally, such certification can assist you get new customers, by making it easier to demonstrate that you simply are among the simplest within the industry, resulting in increased market share and better profits.

Reduce dependence on individuals: More often than not, a company’s critical activities believe just a couple of people that are hard to exchange – a situation painfully demonstrated when these people leave the organization. Executives who are conscious of this will make use of business continuity practices to become far less hooked in to those individuals (either due to implemented replacement solutions or by documenting related tasks), meaning you'll prevent tons of headache when someone leaves the organization.

Prevent large-scale damage: during a world of real-time services and transactions, every minute of down service costs money – tons of cash. By implementing business continuity practices compliant with ISO 22301, you'll have a kind of policy. Whether by preventing disruptive incidents from happening or by becoming capable of faster recovery – your company will economize. And, the simplest thing of all is that your investment in ISO 22301 certification in united states is way smaller than the value savings you’ll achieve.

Benefits of ISO 22301 Certification

Protects your financial income and assets by preventing foreseen destructions and losses.

Increases competitive advantage and credibility of International stature against other organizations.

Reduces cost of tender.

Entrusts trust in stakeholders regarding the resilience of your organizations.

Product performance is promoted to satisfy the ISO 22301 standard.

Helps establish appropriate systems to regulate manpower systematically and monitor their performances.

Mandates continuous monitoring & measurement of the processes that prevent unintended derailments.

How does ISO 22301 Standard work?

The focus of ISO 22301 Standard is to make sure continuity of business delivery of products and services after occurrence of disruptive events (e.g., natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc.). this is often done by checking out business continuity priorities (through business impact analysis), what potential disruptive events can affect business operations (through risk assessment), defining what must be done to stop such events from happening, then defining the way to recover minimal and normal operations within the shortest time possible (i.e., risk mitigation or risk treatment).

The strategies and solutions that are to be implemented are usually within the sort of policies, procedures, and technical/physical implementation (e.g., facilities, software, and equipment). In most cases, organizations don't have all the facilities, hardware, and software in place – therefore, ISO 22301 implementation will involve not only setting organizational rules (i.e., writing documents) that are needed so as to stop disruptive incidents, but also developing plans and allocating technical and other resources to form the continuity and recovery of business activities possible. Because such implementation would require variety of policies, procedures, people, assets, etc. to be managed, ISO 22301 Standard has described the way to fit of these elements together within the Business Continuity Management System.

How does business continuity fit into overall management?

Business continuity is a component of overall risk management during a company, with areas that overlap with information security management and IT management.

Who can get certified for ISO 22301:2019?

The requirements laid out in the ISO 22301:2019 are generic in nature and, Organizations of all sizes (large, medium, small, tiny, micro, etc.) and kinds (products and/or services – profit / non-profit – governmental / private) can get themselves certified to the ISO 22301:2019 standard to show the good practice of BCM to their interested parties – mainly customers.

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