Essential Things to Look For to Buy a Property in Amritsar

Essential Things to Look For to Buy a Property in Amritsar

Amritsar is the second larger city in Punjab and home to the Golden Temple, the holiest gurudwara of the Sikh religion.

After reading such positive things about Amritsar, there is no surprise that people would want to invest there by buying property in Amritsar. This is because the most basic form of investment that everyone is aware of is real estate/property. Whether it be for monetary benefits or for personal use, everybody requires property and expect a certain standard especially if it’s for reselling purposes.

There are many residential plots in Amritsar and projects that are readily available for purchase, while new ones are being built every day in the beautiful city. One such project is Experion Virsa, a project being built at the most prestigious location of Amritsar i.e. GT road with easy access to Golden Temple. This project is being built to offer luxury living at its finest while keeping in mind the values of Punjab and its people. Planned to span 93 acres, this project is set to include all the necessary amenities including schools, dispensary, milk booth along with basic amenities like a multipurpose court, kids play area, jogging track, cycling track, and more.

Now, if you want to buy property in Amritsar there are a lot of things you want to keep in mind, those things are:


Location is the prime factor in deciding the market value of residential plots in Amritsar. The same site plan can vary in cost depending on the location of the property. The more valuable the location is, the higher the cost and value of the property will be. This kind of property is good for reselling as it leaves higher room for profit.


Convenience is another factor. How far the basic amenities from the property is the most basic factor to keep in mind. Regardless of the purpose of the property i.e. personal use or reselling, convenience is a factor that affects the living experience a lot. Most of the properties are more desirable than others just off of their convenience to basic amenities.

Legal Formalities:

Taking care of legal formalities is the next major factor to keep in mind while dealing with real estate. Legal Formalities have a direct impact on the useability of the property even if the above two factors are not ideal. To make sure all the legal formalities are taken into consideration and the paperwork is right, you should definitely get a good lawyer with a lot of experience.

These are a few things to take into consideration while dealing with plot in Amritsar or anywhere else. Property in Amritsar is in great demand. As good as it is for the market it also brings in a lot of unwanted problems. To tackle them and to doge scams make sure to have good and experienced professionals near you. These might sound like obvious factors and not something to actively keep in mind, but these are the factors that are overlooked by many in the market for residential plots in Amritsar. Make sure to keep these things in mind while purchasing your next property.