What Size Wall Mounted Fireplace is Best for Your TV Size?

What Size Wall Mounted Fireplace is Best for Your TV Size?

If you have always wanted to sit by the fire while watching TV, all warm and cosy, perhaps it’s time to get a wall-mounted fireplace for your home. You can hang a TV on top of a wall-mounted electric fire for that streamlined, modern look perfect for smaller spaces. It’s a great addition that can elevate the look and feel of your living area. There is a wide range of wall-mounted fireplace options from manufacturers offering media wall packages.

What Size Wall Mounted Fireplace is Best for Your TV Size?

But what size is the right size? One of the most common concerns about this setup is how big the fireplace should be. LCD TVs have become larger over time. And getting the right electric fire size is critical to achieving a balanced look.

Things to consider

Select a wall-mounted fireplace; that is wider by around six to eight inches than your TV. This will allow the wall to frame the TV and result in a sleek finish.

General guidelines to know

TV sizes are measured diagonally, and fireplaces are measured straight across. Here are a few guidelines to consider for minimum fire sizes against TV sizes:

55” TV = 50” fireplace

65” TV = 60” fireplace

75” TV = 72” fireplace

If there’s enough space on the wall, choose a wall-mounted fireplace one size bigger. A 55-inch wide or smaller TV can look balanced if the fireplace has the same width. However, you can balance a large TV with a slightly wider fireplace. Otherwise, its additional height will overwhelm the fireplace.

Design with the TV in mind

The fireplace edges should ideally be flush with the walls. Leave a small portion of the wall showing before the edges of the TV. This type of setup frames the TV, the device bay and other such spaces.

But if you’re getting a fireplace suite, you can go for a fireplace wider or shorter than your TV. It’s your choice! That said, avoid getting a fireplace that is much bigger or much smaller than the TV as this can result in an unbalanced look.

Work with the proper manufacturer

Reputable manufacturers of wall-mounted fireplaces in the UK can customise your electric fire to suit your TV's size. They can customise the woodwork or stone tile colours, too.

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