5 interested stories behind unusual logo designsEnter content title here...

5 interested stories behind unusual logo designsEnter content title here...

Logo designs are the basic representatives of the brand and can be effective- if done well.

Other than the names, designers use a little bit of information-even if it’s completely irrelevant to the brand- and turned into its brand mark. For example who have thought that a bitten fruit would be the logo of world’s top technology company or having a green topless mermaid on a coffee mug?

Apple and Starbuks logos are not the only unusual associations but there are many brand logos that has some kind of secretive meaning hidden in them. One of them includes the golden arches of McDonalds, which many people must be thinking that those arches represent the initial letter “M” from McDonalds but it’s actually a modified shape of its earlier roadside restaurant.

You must have seen hundreds of logo of world’s top brands, but you have never thought of having an insight about how that logo must be made. What is the inspiration behind? And what does that logo represent? No problem! We are here to assist you.

Read and discover the stories behind the logos of world’s top brand which haven’t thought of before:

1. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s pizza is considered the world’s most prominent pizza chain, which had been started with a small independent restaurant called domiNicks, named after its founder Dominick diVarti. Later Tom Monaghan took over the business with his brother James in 1960.

Monaghan opened its two franchises by 1956, but unable to authorize the name of ‘DomiNicks’ without Divarti’s permissions which wasn’t granted. Therefore, one of his customers suggested the name ‘Dominos’ which was approved by Monaghan.

Domino’s logo has three dots each represents the three Domino’s locations; the idea was to add a dot for every branch that opened. It was the perfect idea, but later changed because this pizza chain eventually grows wider than it was expected. This fast-food giant has its branches all around the globe, with over 10,000 branches. If that idea still persists then there would be around 10,000 dots in the logo.

2. Nestlé

Isn’t it strange when you see multinational food and drink company having a bird’s nest in its logo? What would be the connection between them? Well, the idea came from the owner’s heritage.

Henri Nestle was the first Swiss manufacturer, who designed the logo for his business, keeping his family coat of arms as the inspiration. The logo features a bird’s nest in which mom bird nurturing and feeding three baby birds. Nestle means ‘nest’ in Germany, so perhaps its symbol features a bird on its nest. Although the idea of a nurturing bird came as the company has variety of products including cereals for infants to give it a motherly effect. In 1988, three baby birds were reduced to only two with the concept to represent ‘average modern family’.


Sometimes an unexpected thing can be an inspiration behind a great art creation. You don’t believe me? I have a proof to support my statement.

The new logo for the Dubai Expo 2020 was unveiled at the ceremony held in Dubai in 2016. A 4,000 year old gold ring found in an archaeological site in the dessert was the inspiration behind that logo. The logo was also projected in gold light on to the Burj Khalifa. The ring was discovered by Sheikh Muhammad who was flying through the desserts in his helicopter and he noticed the waves of sand dunes were different from the surrounding area. The ring was later inspired by different logo design companies in Dubai and they came up with the fabulous logo that the world was talking about it. The logo consist of simple circles and loops encircling and swirling around one another.