Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Hybrid is an Eco Friendly Salon and Spa. How do we claim that auspicious title? We do more then just take a plant to work!

New Location

We are located in the beautiful city of St. Jacobs north of Waterloo, Ontario

9 Cedar st St Jacobs, Ontario N0B 2N0

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We Are an Environmentally Friendly Salon and Spa! We run on Bullfrog Energy, 100% Wind and Solar. We are a Green Circle Salon and Spa, they pick up our Hair and take it to manufacturers of Eye glass frames and furniture and the foil goes to a manufacturer of light fixtures and ceiling fans. All of our products are environmentally friendly and are acquired as close to us as possible, many from Canada and the US.

We Donate a Tree every year to a local school to share with the next Generation that we are doing out best to protect their future! We hold an annual Cutathon to raise funds for the Cancer WelFit Program at the University of Waterloo.

Our atmosphere is one of awareness and acceptance! We offer high end Green Services that are affordable to anyone! Green is SEXY and AFFORDABLE!

Come on in! We'll prove it!

Here are a few photos of our New Salon

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Erin Kier's vision for Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa started when she was a child and knew she wanted to take care of people and the Earth. Raised on a farm, she knew the value of taking care of the environment. Once she became a hairdresser, she was concerned about the chemicals she was using and exposing her clients to.

It was around the time that she viewed a documentary about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that she decided she could no longer abide by the practise of her industry. Shortly thereafter, the opportunity to purchase the salon she was managing presented itself, and she realized this was fate.



While we are committed to bringing a healthy alternative to our guests, we also strongly believe in doing our part to protect the Environment. To that end, we are a member of Green Circle Salons, and utilize Bullfrog Energy – a solar and wind derived energy provider.

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We are a member of Green Circle Salons! GCS comes to get our hair and takes it to a manufacturer of eye glass frames and chairs, they take our foil to manufacturers of ceiling lights and fans and they pick up left over colour to dispose of safely, instead of rinsing down the drain.

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While caring for the Environment is essential, we are in the business of taking care of people. We are proud of our safe, healthy and rejuvenating products and services. Health and Beauty are intertwined when it comes hair and skin. To take our philosophy one step further, we support UW WellFit, the rehabilitation program for Cancer Survivors offered through the University of Waterloo through our annual Cut A Thon. We also donate a tree each year to demonstrate our commitment to a healthy environmental for all of us.

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Uiversity of Waterloo WELLFIT Program

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