The Footprint we Leave Behind

The Footprint we Leave Behind

What kind of Footprint do we make on culture, humanity, and each other in our intimate relationships with close family and friends.

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My name is Erin Kiers, owner of The Institute for Harmonious Living, a Holistic Life Coaching Education Center offering one on one, convenient personal empowerment sessions assisting with the attainment of a more harmonious, balanced existence.

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Sessions can be experienced in two ways:

  • Face to Face
  • On-line with Skype or video call.

Many of the coaching sessions address the individual as a whole multi dimensional being. In other words, if you wish to specify your sessions we can, based on current needs, however you will be pleasantly surprise that your specified sessions will have an all encompassing affect on all areas of your life, which is why Holistic Life Coaching is so unique. Taking the individual as a whole through Holistic Life Coaching you are effectively re-programming the foundation of your awareness therefore altering your perception in all of your relationships and experiences.

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I am also the owner of  KW’s First Eco Friendly Salon Spa and Energy Space

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Erin Kiers

We talk about ‘Foot Print’ all the time as far as the imprint we leave on the ecosystem of the planet. But today I’m talking about another kind of Foot Print. One we leave on culture, humanity, and each other in our intimate relationships with close family and friends.

in the past month, I have lost a few people close to me and I am taken to a place of reflection. If I were to pass, heaven forbid, what Foot Print would I leave on those around me? My community? My culture? I know many would remember my efforts to create awareness around environmental causes and self care, but I wonder how many would remember my efforts to share unconditional love? Have I been recognized in as many relationships as possible as patient, kind and loving? Have I shown forgiveness, for forgiveness sake and for my own sanity regardless of whether healing occurred in the relationship or not? Have I shown humility and patience with others when they had none for me? In a world that is disillusioned and distracted with consumerism, I ask that you cautiously regard your motivation behind your life? Are your actions community based, relationship based, or goal driven and consumer drive?

A recent post on facebook from the vantage point of loss, in its immediate nature; provides motivating insight on how this could be your safe vantage point from which to embrace an ahha moment!

“In Fort McMurray, Canada, a massive wildfire is raging. The entire population, over 80,000 people, have been evacuated. In the midst of the chaos, One Fort McMurray citizen, John MacIsaac, wrote a touching account of the harrowing experience:”


So when I ask what your Foot Print is, what I’m asking you to reflect on is how have you made others feel? Safe, Loved, Honored? Or Less than, Judged and Invisible. The saying ‘You can’t take it with you’ in reference to possessions causes me to pause and think, if there were a ‘Currency’ to equate to life I do believe relationships would be the currency to which we could measure our wealth at the end of our life, and being able to ‘take it with you’ would be the number of lives and hearts you touched in your life time that they could remember you by in your ‘balanced account’.

So what do you leave behind? If you reflect and don’t like what you see, commit to this day forward to change that. Be the person you wish others to aspire to, miss when your gone, leaving a foot print of love, and grace behind.

The Footprint we Leave Behind

Photo Credit: Imgur/John MacIsaac/Facebook

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