The Smallest Post Office in Canada

The Smallest Post Office in Canada

A Journey into Canada

Not too long ago we heard much in the news about the revamping of home postal service.

It got us to thinking about post offices as well. A few years back we did a feature about the smallest post office in the U.S. (Ochopee, Florida). So, we were curious about where the smallest post office in Canada was located.

The answer, it appears, is not clear.

A 2014 article in the Canadian Philatelist offers evidence supporting the claim that the smallest post-office of Canada is in Bradwell, Sakatchewan – a facility which was opened on January 1, 1906.

A You Tube video may be found advancing the notion that the smallest P.O. is located in Terrance Bay, Nova Scotia.

There are pictures that would support Hill Springs, Alberta, Plato, Saskatchewan, as well as Metiskow, Alberta, which claims to be Canada’s smallest fully functional post office

Another strong candidate appears to be Whaletown, B.C.

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