The Day the Habs Came to Paramus

The Day the Habs Came to Paramus

Journeys into Paramus

Did you know that the Montreal Canadiens played hockey in Paramus ?

It actually was a practice, but it did take place in Paramus - at the old Bergen County Ice Arena. The building, originally a Food Fair supermarket just down the way from the Old Shop Rite, has been demolished.  Standing on the site is a new "Town Center" style building that is today home to the likes of R.E.I. and Red Robin.

It happened in 1974, and back then it was a big deal for a hockey team to come to New Jersey. It would not be for another eight years that the New Jersey Devils would start to call the Garden State home.  So, on this special day the Montreal Canadiens were in Paramus to prepare for a playoff game against the New York Rangers. So was hockey writer and historian George Grimm. He relates his experience in this piece for Inside Hockey

The Day the Habs Came to Paramus

Credit: Paramus High School Archives