There Across the Street from Sears on Main Street

There Across the Street from Sears on Main Street

Journeys into Hackensack

Across the street from Sears at the corner of Main Street and Anderson Street is a roped off property. It has had a number of lives to it - all eminating from a building that used to be a gas station.

In fact, it was a gas station there for a long time. Check out the accompanying picture which appears to be vintage 1940's (?). Prominent is the iconic Sears & Roebuck (thank goodness it has made the cut while the Sears at Willowbrook and Paramus Park are no more).

Nearer in the picture is that gas station, at least part of it. You can see the Amoco sign and the classic gas pumps.

Traffic was heavy as Hackensack was a hub of commerce.

Today a few remnants of that Amoco station still remain. But it may not be for long. The old Holman Movers building across the street is about to come down for a new project. There already is a hole in the ground up the block at the corner of Ward.

This property's days may be numbered as well as Hackensack enters a new era.

Than You: DC Honda of Nanuet for image via Pinterest