Local Flooding is Nothing New

Local Flooding is Nothing New

Journeys into Hackensack

Seemingly with increasing regularity, parts of Hackensack and surrounding areas are shut down and decimated by floods.

Many of us old timers try to attribute these floods to climate change and development. Maybe so, but a 2012 article by the late historian Kevin Wright attached shows us that flooding around here has gone on for a long time. https://patch.com/new-jersey/riverdell/bp--historic-floods-of-the-hackensack-valley

So while we try to mitigate and solve these ongoing issues, [perhaps it might be good to take a wider lense – this longer view perhaps can provide us a bit more context and perspective.

Local Flooding is Nothing New

Info source: Path by Kevon Wright: https://patch.com/new-jersey/riverdell/bp--historic-floods-of-the-hackensack-valley

Image: uknews. Yahoo.com