River Edge as a "Happy Place"

River Edge as a "Happy Place"

Journeys into River Edge

Here is a question for these troubled times.

Do you have a "happy place"? You know, a place that a person associates with happiness – a place where you reduce stress, calm down and get into a happy state of mind?

It has been said that everyone has their happy place – a place of calm where one feels in balance. It’s a familiar and comfortable place where life’s trials and tribulations can be, at least momentarily, set aside.

To many their happy place is down the shore, for others it is a place in the mountains or perhaps somewhere overseas.

How about River Edge – is there a “happy place” in town - a spot that helps you connect with your true self ?

For some, we have heard it is a walk down Bogert or Elm. To others it is a moment of reflection and faith at a church or synagogue. During the summer others say it is a moment of calm at the Swim Club or a lap in its pool. For me these days it is a jog or bike ride early enough to catch the sun rise on a new day. On other days it is the end of a long ride home and the reassurance I feel when I see the “River Edge” sign as I exit from Route 4.

How about you? In these most challenging and stressful times it is more important than ever to have a happy place. If you live here does this place calm you after a tough day or week? Or if you no longer call River Edge home does the thought of it conjure up memories of ties long ago?

In fact, is your happy place a physical location or space ? Or is it a state of mind?

As always we welcome your take.

River Edge as a "Happy Place" River Edge as a "Happy Place" River Edge as a "Happy Place" River Edge as a "Happy Place"